Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Analyzing Jacob

And no, I don't mean this picture, but you're welcome to stare as long as you like
The wonderful Miss Ana Cristina of The Danger Magnet has once again done an absolute wonderful job and posted a character discussion of Jacob. Now, I have been accused of not giving enough Jacob love, so those Jacob fans out there, show yourselves and head on over there, read her great post, and leave your comments. Are you a Jacob hater? (TDM is definitely Team Edward, btw) That's okay, jump over there, read the discussion, and let us know why you feel the way you do. Are you happy that Taylor is back, or did you think the part should be recast? Did you love the "Fire and Ice" chapter, or did you throw your book at the wall? Whether you love him or hate him, Jacob can bring about responses just as emotional as Edward does...

She'll be doing a recap on Sunday and you just might find your comments featured there.


jo said...

Thanks for the heads up!
I am glad that Taylor was recast as Jacob, but don't know how they are going to get around the height issue!?
I personally like Jacob, but am a Team Edward girl all the way.

Anonymous said...

my liking is growing a lot and i can't explain it!i'm an edward's girl through and through!

Ana Cristina said...

Thanks shout-out, Amber! By the way, your comment was wonderfully written (as usual). You are an excellent writer. :)

Hope you and the fam are doing well! *hugs*

cuteangiek said...

Oh I was for sure throw my book at the wall! lol But it wasn't always Jake. ;) It's a fantastic discussion. And I second Ana, your comment was great!