Wednesday, June 10, 2009

13 Reasons Why Smart Girls Love Robert Pattinson

Connie Ann Kirk, the Book on Film Examiner, has written an excellent article explaining why we love Rob...and only one involves his looks...
Choosing my favorite parts to post here was just impossible. You really need to read the article yourself, especially if you don't understand the fascination that this man holds for so many smart girls and women. (Although I must admit, as the only female in a house of all boys, I more frequently refer to myself as a girl than a woman.)

"Before we begin, it is important to note one thing about smart girls and Robert Pattinson. They know the difference between Robert Pattinson, the actor, and Edward Cullen, his character in Twilight."...Amen. Thank you for making that point clear.

While she mentions the obvious initial attraction, she is quick to point out that a pretty face does not keep a smart girl entertained for long. A woman of more substance requires a man of more substance. Smart girls appreciate talent and Rob is certainly talented. If you haven't heard him sing, you have no idea what you are missing. I sometimes find myself listening to his songs and almost wishing that he was doing his music full time rather than acting right now. Almost, because of course he is also a very talented actor. What I love about Rob's acting is that he almost becomes invisible when he's doing a role. You don't see Robert Pattinson on the screen anymore. You see Edward, Art, Daniel or Dali. He is almost chameleon like in the way that he becomes the character.

For me, of course the accent is part of the appeal, but it's not just the way he says things, it's the things he says. You can always count on Rob for something funny, occassionally inappropriate, but always refreshing. Honestly, his sense of humor is so much like the hub's, I just have to shake my head sometimes. I love that he's going to be Rob, whether you think that's cool or dorky, good or bad, he is what he is. I admire that, particularly in the world that is Hollywood.

Okay, the article does an awesome job and I am up so far past my bedtime, so I'm going to leave you to you're reading. No matter how you feel about Robert Pattinson, I think there are a lot of wonderful things to come from him, and I can't wait!

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