Thursday, May 21, 2009

Rob's kisses...worth $20,000??

Robert Pattinson attended the AMFAR Cinema Against AIDS event in Cannes today, and yet again, he was impeccably dressed. But Rob wasn't merely attending this event, he was on the auction block himself. ET reports

"The vampy leading man was auctioned off today in Cannes for the amfAR Cinema Against AIDS 2009 Cocktail Party. The bidding got so high that Pattinson was split between two bidders, who each paid $20,000 for the chance to meet, greet and win a kiss on the cheek from the ‘Twilight’ idol."

Okay, I have to admit, my first response is "What? $20,000? Are they out of their mind? These people have more money than sense! I mean, I know it's for charity, and I love Rob just as much as the next person, but come on people, seriously!"
And then, I see this picture...
And once I get over melting into a puddle on the floor, I realize there are some very smart wealthy people in Cannes. Very smart, indeed.
Thanks to New Moon Movie.


Anonymous said...

Haha... great post! & Of course I'll link back... :P Your blog is awesome ... :-)

The convention was great & I really want to try & go to the next one again in September... it seems like more people are coming this time (Star wise) :P

Well we will see :]


cuteangiek said...

You make an excellent point. :)
Cause I was thinking the same think. But as always a picture is worth a thousand words. Is that the saying? Who the heck cares! LOL