Sunday, May 17, 2009

Rob as Tsomo, Comanche Warrior?

I'm sure you've all heard the news that Rob may be appearing in a movie starring Hugh Jackman and Rachel Weisz titled "The Unbound Captives". Pattinson Anonymous has gotten a character summary.

Character Name: PHINEAS

Age: The character is shown first at age 10, then again at approximately 17

-As indicated in information published on the internet, Phineas was kidnapped as a child and assimilated in a Comanche tribe.
-Phineas (all descriptions here are of the character at age 17) is described as having long hair and pierced ears, presumably in the 19th-century Comanche style.
-Virtually all of his lines are in Comanche.
-The character’s Comanche name is Tsomo, which means “bead”.
-Yes, he rides a horse…bareback. He rides quite a bit, actually.
-Although the character does have a few flirtatious scenes, this is not a romantic-type role.
-The older Phineas is in the latter parts of the script, perhaps the last third. It is definitely a supporting role.
-Our source describes the character like this: “Phineas is pretty fierce. He’s been raised as a warrior. He can be silent and standoffish, but he can throw a bit of a fit, too.”

I am hoping that this is all accurate since nothing is confirmed so far (see the disclaimer on Pattinson Anonymous). I cannot wait to see Rob in this role. He is such a talented artist.

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