Sunday, May 10, 2009

Fan Fiction Feature: Novel Novice Twilight Winners

Novel Novice Twilight has posted the winners of the March-April Fan Fiction Challenge. I had intended to enter this one myself, even had my scene figured out, but I just couldn't ever get the time to sit down and listen to Edward long enough to flesh it out. After reading these, it's just as
I highly recommend all of the stories that were chosen. I read them starting with the honorable mentions and worked my way back up. Although I loved them all, Acceptance was definitely my favorite. Any of the five stories chosen could easily have been put right into the book. They are all very true to Edward and Bella, and all the other characters as well. Check these out, you will not be disappointed.
Sorry that I haven't done any fan fiction features lately. It's not that I've stopped reading them, it's just that I am constantly chasing my tail these days.

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