Thursday, May 28, 2009

No Spoilers Here - A Rant

Yesterday the internet was flooded with spoilers for New Moon. Did I see them? Yes, I saw some of them for the split second it took me to realize what it was and exit the website. I stayed away from Twitter yesterday because I was reading things I didn't want to know. Then, I was casually checking my facebook last night and there in the "highlights" section are the very photos I have tried all day to avoid. Today, they are being emailed to me.

Am I upset? Yes, because a very pivotal moment of the movie has been spoiled for me. That's why they are called spoilers. I appreciate my bloggy buddies who took care to mark their posts for what they were and cautioned against reading them if you wanted to remain spoiler free. Honestly, I can't believe Summit isn't going crazy because these photos are out there! I am terribly disappointed to have seen these. I wanted to see Edward in November, on the big screen. Am I mad at people who have posted them on their sites? Not as long as they were properly labeled. I expect that. I am mad at those people who just threw them out there with no way to avoid seeing them. I mean, I didn't even visit any Twilight sites yesterday! You would think that would have made me safe.

I feel like a child who has been shown their Christmas present in June! Do I know the full enjoyment of, I won't have that until I see the movie. But, am I disappointed that I know what I'm going to see in Italy? Oh yes, very much so. I do not know how I'm going to make it to November without a good look at these photos, but I'm going to try my darndest.

Is there anyone else out there who feels this way?


cuteangiek said...

Yes, I totally do. :)

I even blogged about it myself cause what's a blogger to do when they are faced with adversity. *wink* I have yet to really see any of the pictures however, despite everyone's effort to ruin it for me.

I cried this morning as I deleted my TA email cause yesterday they about ruined it for me as well. I am VERY sorry you saw those pictures. I realize everyone is so excited it's just to bad they didn't think that maybe we ALL weren't aching to see them, you know?

On a happier note, I came up with some theme songs and after a night of dance I think we shall survive this all and when push comes to shove we might just enjoy the movie the most! Yep, I said it.

I heart your blog. Thanks for being spoiler free.

The End.

Sophie said...

I guess there's nothing secret about these pics. Summit probably orchestrated it all and invited a ton of reporters, knowing perfectly well they would be all over the worlds in no time. That was to be expected and although I understand your disappointment it is now very difficult to avoid seeing them. And after all the first trailer will be on the air next Sunday... how secret can they keep su ch a set with thousands of extra and paps and official reporters? No way.

cuteangiek said...

Dear Sophie,

Since this is the only blog I can look at today, I am a loser second poster! LOL

Anyway, I have been contemplating what you said about the first trailer and have decided you are correct. What is the point in not looking at the pictures (and that's all the leaked pictures) if I shall be watching the trailers? And so I have determined: I shall NOT be watching the trailers or looking at any promotion videos or photos.

I'm not sure if I should love you or hate you for this realization. Either way I am determined to heart you in the end. *wink*

My only plead to the blogging community is FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, please say SPOILERS before you post these pictures. I have very narrowly avoid seeing these pictures lately due to lack of spoiler warnings.

Sorry to muck up your page Mrs. Amber. I am DYING to comment today. It's so lonely.

I am now going to go, bang my head against a wall and cry.


Pillow Biter said...

I heart all you guys. And I'm soo sorry my site is not spoiler free. Though, spurred by you, Amber, and the Twitarded girls, I do try hard to take the time to label *spoiler*.

And I'm torn. I saw nothing before Twilight. And I'm seeing EVERYTHING before New Moon. I hope my visions aren't ruined. It'll be an interesting experiment to say the least!

On a side note about Summit, though. The Lex, me, and Amanda from The Examiner were in talks with Summit about how to properly handle the situation, since we're all linked up with them.

They leaked (to Rotten Tomatoes sorrow- they were supposed to have the official pics), and since they went mainstream so fast, Summit wasn't too worried about it, probably knowing the trailer and scenes would be out soon anyhow.

Just had to defend Summit there! :)

And a quick apology if I've given or shown you stuff on my site that's spoiled anything for you...

Drumgurl said...

You are a Twilight blogger. I'm sorry that your movie was spoiled. I also have somewhat mixed feelings about the whole thing, but frankly we know what Edward and cast look like, we know the story, and frankly, I was thrilled with the new pictures. There has been a bit of a Twilight lull lately, and this only reinvigorated my passion. It's your blog and you are welcome to post, not post, or do whatever you like, however I find it slightly hypocritical that you run a *Twilight Blog* and are angered that someone would send you pictured of some of the biggest Twilight/New Moon info in the past 4 months.

Eyes of Amber said...

Pillow Biter - Thanks for clearing up the Summit issue for me. You have done a great job of labeling everything.

Drumgurl - Maybe you're right, maybe it is hypocritical. It's not seeing what the cast looks like so much as the fact that the actual embrace is out there, now. That big, pivotal moment that we were all going to hold our breath for is now out there, and we've already seen it.

cuteangiek said...

Drumgurl -

Respectfully I'm not sure I agree with the hypocritical statement. (I AM BEING SO RESPECTFUL!)

Let's say a blogger were CONSTANTLY posting spoilers, gossip news and the like and then suddenly got pissed at EVERYONE else for posting spoilers or sending them, I completely agree with your point. However, I don't think this is the case with Eyes of Amber and I for sure am not doing that.

I would be more likely to agree with an argument that we can expect nothing less and not condemn the rest of our little community for doing what is only natural. It's such a WONDERFUL community. Who will embrace us weirdo non spoiler folk in all our silliness.

With Twilight I was a total spoiler whore. I saw EVERYTHING, I kid you not. And it ruined the movie for me. Not that I didn't enjoy it, just that Summit released so much you could basically piece together the WHOLE movie.

Pillow - I am sad to say I've been staying away from your blog. There is much weeping and gnash of teeth in my house.

I hope to God this doesn't come off as witchie. :)