Friday, May 29, 2009

Just for fun - Rob v Zac kissing contest

Radar Online asked kissing expert Andrea Demirjian to watch Rob and Zac's nominated kisses and give her educated opinion on who would win... On Zac in HSM3
“What is evident is that they are very much in love,” Demirjian said. “It’s tender, it’s soft, it’s gentle. You can tell how much he loves her because he’s smiling as he kisses her, because he’s just so happy.” She also approved of their chemistry and “body interaction,” and called the scene “one of the sweetest things I’ve seen in a long time.”

On Rob in Twilight
“I looked at this one a few times, cuz I was like, ‘whoa!’” she laughed. “The kiss was so sexy, just the way their lips were grazing against each other—it wasn’t deep-throat tongue kissing.” Part of the appeal of this silver-screen kiss is the tension, Demirjian said, which gave the eventual smooch “all the perfect makings of suspense and anticipation. And that makes a kiss more desirous.”

Her verdict
“I wouldn’t necessarily compare them to one another, because they were two very different categories. One is sort of a beastly, supernatural thing versus two charmed kids in High School Musical,” she said. But Demirjian did give the kisses a star rating based on sexiness. Pattinson and Stewart scored a four-and-a-half out five, while Efron and Hudgens got “a four or three-and-a-half.”

So tune in Sunday night to see if one of these kisses, or one of the other nominees wins. While you're waiting, visit Radar Online to read the rest of the article and get some kissing advice.

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cuteangiek said...

My favorite comment "sort of a beastly." Really do I have to explain this? LoL