Friday, May 29, 2009

First Scene from New Moon!

ET Online has a 15 second preview of the trailer we'll see on Sunday night...(If you don't want to see the trailers, don't watch this or read any further...I have apparently opened the proverbial can of worms around here, but at least I'm getting comments.)

Looks like they wanted to make sure we knew one of our major grievances with Twilight was being taken care of right from the get go.
Thanks to Lion & Lamb Love


Anonymous said...

does this count as a spoiler? someone said they wanted to be warned about trailer stuff - who knows. i'm all for it!

T. L. C. said...

amber, I am just too EXCITED for Sunday....Alas...finally something thats offical.

BEST 14 Seconds!!!!!!

~ Joy ~ said...

aaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! Niiiiiice. =D

cuteangiek said...

Oh Mrs. Amber,
YAY for the proverbial can of worms and yeah for comments! LOL
I will heart you're blog for every spoiler you do so tastefully.

It's going to be along and lonely road for me. *wink*

Colleen McMahon said...

Best 15 seconds of my life. hurry up trailer! get on youtube! :)