Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Favorite Birthday Tributes

Of course for every website, blog, facebook and twitter out there, there was a birthday tribute to Rob. How can we not celebrate such a talented individual? Here are some of my favorites...

Twitter campaign to pound RPattz...Tutorial by Pillow Biters, ROBsessed #RPattz @ #1

23 Reasons to Love Robert Pattinson...from MTV's Nicole Guanlao

The Danger Magnet...Best Title for a Birthday Post By Far!!!!!

And here, what is probably my absolute favorite post of the day...the girls of Twitarded present Robert Pattinson's Cult of Personality Explained!

And of course, I did a birthday post earlier today with a couple of my favorite pics. I hope that Rob had a day free of the paps, crazed fans, gossip hounds (not naming names here) and filled with all his favorite things. (Including peace and privacy, two things he has very little of these days)


Snarkier Than You said...

YAY! thanks so much!!! there were a lot of awesome b-day posts out there - i'm glad you enjoyed ours! and OMeffingG that is one of the best R-Patts pics I have EVER seen!! wowsers! it looks like he's starin' right atcha and he is hungry for a little sumpthin-sumpthin ("sumpthin-sumpthin" = YOU). He's lookin' right atcha!! {{{SWOON}}}

OK, too many exclamation points but i am giddy...


Pillow Biter said...

Hey, chick!
How's this as a blog compromise?

Ana Cristina said...

Thanks for the nod! I liked that title, too, lol. :D