Thursday, May 28, 2009

Eating Crow, As Promised

Because of computer issues, I'm late posting this...

I thought about just editing my early post about spoilers, but some of the things I want to say won't make sense if you don't have that to read. Yes, I still hate spoilers. I made a decision a while ago and posted it here that this site would be spoiler free. There would be nothing posted here that was not officially released. If you read the comments on my other post, you'll see that Summit was very aware these pictures were being put out there, and although they did not come out in the way they had intended, they did allow them to go out since the trailer is coming out on Sunday. It was pointed out to me that I shouldn't complain about the "biggest Twilight news in four months" showing up in my email inbox, and I agree with that. This is a Twilight blog after all.

With some issues going on in my real life right now, topped off by four sick children today, I ran an errand and came home weak. I have put forth so much effort yesterday and today trying not to see a gorgeous man shirtless. Could I keep up that effort for the next five months? TwiCrack said these pics only made her more excited to see the movie. Pillow Biters said Summit was okay with it. Did that give me permission? I decided to give in. Didn't I deserve some shirtless Edward? So, I tried to decide if I was being a sell out, then took the plunge. Wow.

I looked at the pics, though I avoided the videos showing the pics put together into a reasonable facsimile of the actual scene. For that, I will definitely wait until the movie. Did the pics ruin the movie for me? I don't think so. I have to say though, my favorite pics were the ones from between takes, when it was Rob, not Edward. And the CG marks make me wonder how different the finished product is going to look. Could I have made it until November without seeing them? I don't think it's possible. In fact, I know it's not, because I clicked over to ROBsessed and there he was, right in the banner in all his shirtless glory.

So, I have to admit, I cheated, I looked, and I loved. And you know what? These pics made me so much more excited for the movie! (Although, what's with the kiss? They aren't supposed to kiss in Volterra! Sorry, I'm an Edward purist.) So for those who prefer not to see spoilers, I won't be posting them here. Especially for the girls at Twitarded and Super Secret Twilight Blog, this blog will remain spoiler free. I will, however, for those who are interested and haven't seen them yet, post links. I hope that meets the needs of all my readers.

My favorite, an in between the scenes Rob and totally not Edward. I had gone through and picked out five other pics, but my computer froze up on me and lost all those, so I'll just direct you to ROBsessed to see a ton of great pics.

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cuteangiek said...

I completely understand the pressures of four kids (I've got four, as well) and I TOTALLY respect your "giving in." (I'm so sorry they are sick, by the by.)Honestly, I think you are amazing and I'm being all silly extreme. :)

Oh and seeing my silly little blog next to the Twitard's... OME! LOL

Thanks for thinking of us spoiler free vegans. I am feeling so loved by my fellow bloggers. :)