Sunday, April 5, 2009

What line is Kristen looking forward to?

We all now that Taylor is looking forward to asking..."Does my being half naked bother you?" (I realize that he was saying this backward in interviews, but I'm sure he'll get straightened out.) But what about Kristen? I love this interview she gave The Sudbury Star. I have to admit that I'm not always thrilled with Kristen Stewart's behavior, but when it comes to Bella, she and I are usually in total agreement. (An exception is the "want a taste" deleted scene.) She seems to have a wonderful grasp for what this movie needs to convey and how much more depth is going to be required. Here are some excerpts from the article. I think my favorite is when she talks about Taylor and the line she is looking forward to...

"There's actually a lot more to work with. The second movie is much more quaint. The first one was about ultimate love and abandon, and that was good, but it's kind of one-note. This one's a different story."

"I can't wait to see Taylor's face when I tell him, 'It's him, it's always been him.'" (Just the quote alone gets me. I can't imagine seeing it on the big screen.)

"Over the course of these four movies Bella has to become a formidable partner because -- I'm not ruining it for anyone -- they end up together. In the first one, he's very much a man and she's very much a child, so she has to become a formidable partner. We're working on that."

This article is definitely worth the read. I think Kristen really "gets" Bella, and what more could we ask for! Thanks to New Moon Movie for finding this one.

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Oh wow! That was really good!