Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What Jackson says is good for the soul

Twilight Examiner has a wonderful interview with Jackson Rathbone. Let me say that I was one of the skeptics about him playing Jasper, and even after my first viewing of the movie, was still pretty unsure, but that has changed drastically over the last few months. I have become a huge Jackson fan, and if I hadn't been before, this interview would have made me one. I think he is super talented and just seems like such a great guy. He talks New Moon, The Last Air Bender, 100 Monkeys and more. He also reveals there may be more behind that smile than meets the eye. The whole interview is a good read, but this is one of my favorite parts.

“Appreciate that everything in the world has lined up perfectly in order for you to exist . . . Take five minutes to yourself, and count everything little thing you have to be thankful for . . . it’s good for the soul. And, anytime you feel despondent, fake a smile for exactly one minute, and then you’ll laugh at how ridiculous it all is.”

Awesome, isn't he? Add to that his great dimples and how can you not adore him! Be sure to set your DVR's for tomorrow night's Criminal Minds which will guest start Jackson. I am certainly looking forward to it.
(Love the eyes... click to enlarge. How did they manage to cast actors with such gorgeous eyes in a movie where they were all going to be covered up with contact lenses? Must be some kind of cruel joke.)

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Ana Cristina said...

Love him!!! I am currently working on a post that is dedicated to the yumminess that is Sir Dimples.