Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thank You, Catherine

Twilight Lexicon has a post about the interview that Catherine Hardwicke gave to KTKA, an ABC affiliate in Texas. They also posted this gorgeous picture which I believe is the best of I've ever seen of Catherine.

My favorite quote from Twilight Lexicon's post...

What’s also clear again, is that fans owe Catherine a huge debt for insisting that the script was rewritten to be closer to the actual novel than the barely recognizable version that she was originally presented with. In our opinion, Catherine’s insistence on going back to the book is what is set this up as a viable mega-franchise and not just another teen flick flop.

And my favorite Catherine quote from the interview...

“I glad to be known for something, laughed Hardwicke, I think it’s great because I’ve developed a fun relationship with fans from all over the world, I’ve got to meet so many people that the film means so much too. I consider those people my friends and they will go on with their lives but they will always remember when the 'Twilight' movie came out.”

I've wanted to write a post about Catherine for a while and this just seemed like the perfect opportunity. I have to admit that I was not initially a big fan. I thought the movie was good, but there were several complaints that I had, and most of them I blamed on Catherine. After watching the movie with commentary, the dvd special features and reading her book, ninety-five percent of my issues were resolved or explained. I am now a HUGE Catherine fan and I couldn't agree more with the Lexicon's statement that we owe a lot to her. She gave us such a wonderful gift in Twilight. Especially after watching the awesome third disc special features that she put together, I am truly sad that she is not directing New Moon.

Let me say that while I am sad that she will not be at the helm of New Moon, I realize that it is still a gift from her as is every other "Twilight Saga" movie to follow. Catherine set the bar high when it comes to staying true to the books, to Stephenie and to us, the fans. She gave us these awesome actors to bring our beloved characters to life. I mean, she fought Summit to give us Rob as Edward! Can we ever say thank you enough for that? She saw that Edward wasn't so simple as a pretty face. She cast a true artist in the role who was able to bring to life a "real" Edward, not just the perfection that Bella saw in him, but the internal conflicts that defined him, that defined their very relationship. She gave us Kristen, who truly "gets" Bella and cares about the integrity of her story. And as we all know, had she not given us a movie that made money for the studio, New Moon would have never been given the green light.

So, Catherine, thanks for everything!

P.S. I am looking forward to what Chris Weitz is going to do with New Moon and I have total faith in him, along with Stephenie, to bring us another great installment.


Snarkier Than You said...

I'm with you 110% - Catherine totally won me over (the Director's Notebook sealed the deal)! She really had a clear idea of how she wanted to bring the book to life, and is an actual fan of Twilight. I really feel that she cares about the fans, too! Chris Weitz, no pressure, but throw us a bone! How 'bout a little tiny email or something for all of us TwiFans? A Tweet?? Anything??? Please?!!

Fox Otter said...

I agree with you here. I love Catherine and I love the movie with the devotion to stay true to the books that she gave us. I feel like she is just another one of us fans wanting to make Twilight what it needed to be. I will miss her, but I still hope that New Moon will be great too.