Saturday, April 4, 2009

Tierra's Twilight Party

I know I've been promising these pics for over a week, but isn't the anticipation part of the enjoyment! Let me start of by saying that those of you who do not know Tierra may soon get to know her very well as she is coming on board to help me with the Eyes of Amber forum. This should give you all a small taste of all the wonderfulness that is to come. Tierra does nothing half way, and she is a totally devoted Twilighter. You are just going to love her!

The invitations...laminated so that they would be reflective...
Notice the Twilight font, and the names...hmm, doesn't that handwriting look familiar?
(Don't worry, Tierra was nice and gave all the vital info, just concealing it here to be safe...especially after some of Lauren's recent stories)

Some of the lovely decorations
If you know Tierra, you know that if she has a hand in it, damask is probably involved. And can you believe the pinwheels? How awesome are they? The hand-dipped strawberries were made by Tierra. Amber (not me, there were two of us there) brought some wonderful cookie bars and Stephanie made some very delicious punch. The framed pictures atop the dark blue silk looked just amazing.
And because you never leave a Tierra party empty-handed, there were goody bags!
Inside each bag was a Twilight wrapped chocolate bar and a Twilight lip balm.
Can you believe her creativity?
And here are Kristy, who opened up her home for this wonderful bash, and Miss Tierra.
Thanks so much Tierra! The party was a blast. It's a shame we didn't get pictures of everyone together. Sounds like an excuse for another party to me...


~ Joy ~ said...

WOW!!!!!! I am so impressed! This is a great post. You are doing many a Twilight Fan a great service by providing these great ideas for future parties to come. Tierra, you are one crafty-cool-creative gal!

T. L. C. said...

Why Thank you!

Amber I am so sorry but i just realized looking that i didnt inform you about the ones of pocket Edward. Only one cane out amd i had gotten so close to the table trying to get edward in that the flash went right in his face so all you see is his body ! ! !

I was SO UPSET about that but...New Moon party forsure.
No one better not bring a pocket Jacob.

Also, thanks for all the really sweet things you said. You also amaze me with all the hard work you put into this and i've voted for you ten times!!! I

Mindy said...

Love it!