Sunday, April 5, 2009

SNL will be Robless...for now

Although I hadn't heard much about it, apparently the internet has been abuzz with the rumors that Rob will be hosting SNL. OK! Magazine talked to Lorne Michaels who said that they are all booked with hosts for this season and Rob is not among them. Would SNL be interested in Rob hosting? “Yeah, yeah, of course.” But, we he make a good host? "Don’t know," admits Lorne. "You never know.”

So what do you think? Would Rob make a good SNL host? The article authors are skeptical. Me? I think Rob is more comfortable in front of the camera as a character than he is as Rob, but the more of his work I am exposed to, the less likely I am to rule anything out.


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Fox Otter said...

Yeah I think it's hard to say if he would or not. I'd like to think he would be, but you never know.