Sunday, April 26, 2009

Portugese fans love Twilight, too!

I recently received an email from a fan in Portugal about a petition they have started to get a cast visit in their country. Here is the email...

“Hi, Eyes of Amber readers. I’m a Portuguese Twilight Fan, and we (Portuguese fans) would love to bring the cast to our country (Portugal). We think we should have that chance. But to make our dream come true, we need your help. Please, help Portuguese Twilight Fans and sign our petition. I think with your support we can do it. Thank you, guys! This is so important to us,. You can’t even imagine. Our country is so small that people sometimes forget that we are here! You just need to sign, it’s a enough for us. Let’s be together, to make Twilight bigger.

Best regards,

Catarina Job”

Let's try to help out these fans. Good luck Catarina, we're pulling for you!

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