Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Dossier Outtake & Question

Although I posted this as an update to my original post about the Dossier photos, I felt it warranted its own post, as it brings up a question... I'm guessing that the photo editors are the ones who generally choose which pics make it into the mag, right? So why do Dossier and GQ not have photo editors from the Rob fandom? LOL The outtakes from both are so much better than the pics they used. I'm not saying that the pics they chose were bad, they just weren't the best of the bunch. They would sell more mags if they put the extra ones in too, don't you think? I mean look at Vanity Fair...they could make a book of all the outtakes and they would sell like crazy. I think they would more than justify the extra expense of putting the additional pictures in by the number of additional copies they would sell. What do you think?

Also, on a slightly different note, was anyone else disappointed that Neil Patrick Harris had a much bigger photo spread in GQ than Rob? We would have enjoyed seeing Rob model various suits...or the rain coats for that matter!

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