Sunday, April 5, 2009

Another DVD Release Party

The the lights! There were three more frames of quotes throughout the room...
The spread
The "Golden Onion" Centerpiece
Bite mark cupcakes, because those fang ones just won't do
Wish I could have been there! It looks like it was so awesome.
Because everyone loves the cupcakes so much, Joy has graciously sent me the details on how she made them. The cupcakes are made from a strawberry cake mix with a buttercream icing recipe from the back of the powdered sugar box. The pink icing is pureed strawberries mixed with powdered sugar to achieve the proper consistency. After she frosted the cupcakes, she piped the pink icing on in a frown shape and used a toothpick to draw indentations for the teeth. (Yes, these were done by my sister Joy, the same one who found the Twilight car. Isn't she awesome!)


~ Joy ~ said...

Great post Amber! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

i want those cupcakes RIGHT NOW!

Midori said...

I LOVE these cupcakes! I love that they aren't the two hole cupcakes I've seen everywhere. These look like Stephenie Meyer's vampire's bites! Great job!

Jenny said...

Me too! Where was this?

Fox Otter said...

Wow what a great set up! Looks like it would have been a lot more fun than what I went to. Whoever had this party did a great job. Those cupcakes look delicious!