Saturday, April 11, 2009

300th Post Potpourri

Is your Edward lonely? The Edward and Bella set is now available to pre-order at Hot Topic for $32.99. I know I already have an Edward, but this one has the Ray Bans... I am SO super stoked about this. Hubby and I were saying just a little while ago that we'd love to see a Twilight Scene It. It is available for pre-order here for $30.99. It's due out in October.

Lainey had some more set pics today. I love this one because you can really see how wonderfully his eyes stand out now.

So there are 3 things to celebrate my 300th post. Thanks to Twilight Lexicon for all the great info.
Just noticed this pic and wanted to say how much I love Edward's shoes here. I really hated the ones he wore in Twilight. Of course, the whole outfit is great. I am so looking forward to seeing what Chris Weitz has done with the look of all the characters.


~ Joy ~ said...

Twilight SceneIt!!! gah!!! I soooo want it. Oh My Edward!

Snarkier Than You said...

Ok, so I am definitely ordering "Shades OME," but am I the only one who suspects that they paired a "new" Edward with the Bella doll (making you but both!) so they would not end up with a glut of left-over Bellas??? Just sayin!...

P.S. thanks for the RPatts @ Wal-Mart pic - hope it's ok that I borrowed - the timing was total perfection!
: )