Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Two of the Wolf Pack Identified

New Moon Movie has identified two of the members of the wolf pack seen with Chris Weitz and Taylor earlier this week.

Alex Meraz - IMDb
Tyson Houseman
You can read New Moon Movie's info on Alex here and Tyson here.

I was talking with T.L.C. last night who is really concerned that they have cast some really cute guys to play the other wolves. She is 100% Team Edward and is understandably concerned that people who haven't read the books will be swayed over to the wolves side during New Moon. Also, I mean, do we really want to be thinking how cute the wolf pack is while we're wallowing in Edward's absence?? I figure we might as well have something nice to look at, and all memory of those "pups" will be erased when Edward appears on the screen in "Volterra" about to step out into the sun.
All kidding aside, I think they are casting the wolf pack more like what I saw in my head when I read the books. Don't get me wrong, I liked the casting in the last movie as well, I just thought that Sam looked much older than I had imagined him.

Team Jacob, please do not send me hate mail for calling them "pups" and promoting Edward. I am a true Bella, I love them both, I just love Edward more.

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