Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Twilight Gear at WalMart

Thanks to CBA for this awesome article! Hubby was going to stop in on his way home to see if they had the messenger bags yet(I want the blue one), but this really makes me want to go myself! Maybe Edward would like to go with me.

Twilight gear at WalMart

By: Crystal Johnson
Cullen Boys Anonymous

Tonight I made a journey down to Wally World to see what Twilight goodies I could find. To say the least I was really surprised. I spent a good twenty minutes just going through everything. The selection was great. They had Twilight Tees, messenger bags and last but not least the Twilight Game. Everything was really nice quality and very reasonably priced.

The shirts were just as nice at the ones at Hot Topic, minus that they do not have sayings on the back, and were all priced at $10, which is great for those fans that just could not bring our selves to pay $22 for a tee shirt before. The designs on the shirts were fun, ranging from Bella and Edward, Team Jacob to Team Edward and the Cullen Crest. In fact I fought over the fact that I had two shirts in my hand and I still wanted to buy one of the messenger bags ($10-$15). So much Twilight stuff yet so little time.

I did happen to buy the Twilight game for $14.95. It is ok. The box says that it is for two to eight players but there is no way that two people could play the game and follow the directions. There must be at least three people playing and they all need to know each other fairly well in order to answer some of the challenge questions. The trivia ranged from hard to stupidly easy to this question makes no scenes and has a completely wrong answer. The game is great if you have a group of friends and just want to laugh, but it is not made for die hard Twilight fans.

So bottom line, I am excited to see that Wal-Mart is bringing Twilight gear to those of us that are on a budget. I think that everyone will be pleasantly surprised by the merchandise. Needless to say that Hot Topic should watch out, Wal-Mart is going to give you a run for your money.

Photos courtesy of New Moon Movie.

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Ana Cristina said...

I want the blue one, too! :)

Amber, I received the candies yesterday. Sorry I didn't write sooner, I've been studying for a teacher certification exam. Thank you so, so much! Pocket Edward thanks you, too. :)