Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tonight is Twilight (November 21, 2008)

With the DVD being released, I have dug back into some old posts on my private blog, in the days before Eyes of Amber, and I am re-posting them here. It's interesting to see the anticipation...

(Originally posted November 21, 2008)
Tonight at 6:05 I will leave the real world behind for 122 minutes and be immersed in a world created by the wonderful Stephenie Meyer. Here is where it all began...Then come in two actors who've never carried the starring role in a movie...
Turn them into our beloved characters...
and voila!
This is my absolute favorite still from the movie so far. I just love the crooked grin!
Do I think these books are amazing? Absolutely. Am I obsessed? Probably. Am I expecting the movie to live up to the book? Nope, you can't do justice to 500 pages in a two hour movie. Do I think it will probably be an awesome movie anyway that keeps the basis of the story intact? I don't think Stephenie Meyer would have agreed otherwise.

I know that there are so many fans out there who say that the books changed our lives and people look at us like we're crazy. It's not something that's easy to explain or put your finger on. One of the things that make these books so awesome to me is Stephenie Meyer herself. It's like Peter Fanicelli said on The Bonnie Hunt Show, she created this whole world. A stay-at-home LDS mom created this whole fantasy world that has just exploded into a phenomenon all its own. Although I love these stories on their own, they're even more special to me because of who they were written by...someone just like me. Now that is pretty awesome!

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