Tuesday, March 17, 2009

So the words weren't necessary?

From Twilight Lexicon...

Catherine Hardwicke answered some fan questions on the Twilight Saga Website. This one was submitted by Pel and Alphie.
Q: Why did Edward and Bella never actually say the words “I love you” in the film?

A: For me, they said they loved each other in much stronger ways than actually saying the words.

I've already posted an answer on TL, but I wanted to know what you think? My opinion is that we definitely needed the words. I seriously missed that. To quote Edward, "It (would have been) nice to hear, just the same."
That is one of my favorite scenes in Twilight and would have been so wonderful in the movie. The morning after the first night that she knew he was there. When she snuggles into his lap in the rocking chair and he tells her that she said she loved him in her sleep. She told him that he knew that already and he responded that "it was nice to hear, just the same." So then she says it, and here we have him say "You are my life now." At least they still put that line in even if they cut out that great scene, which also has the "watch me hunt" line, and "well, it's no irritable grizzly." Great scene, just a great, great scene.
However, that's when he tells her he's taking her home to meet his parents and I LOVE the scene in the movie where he shows up at her house to tell her that, so I suppose it was a trade off. Bella telling Edward to at least act human, Edward casually pulling the dent out of the truck then Jacob showing up and mentioning that she got the dent out, just priceless.

I am hoping that the rumors are true and they actually say it in one of the deleted scenes. (Some of you may already know but I have refused to watch any spoilers, so if you do know DON'T tell me.)

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