Monday, March 23, 2009

Rob is keeping to himself

I am not a fan of Lainey because of her apparent disdain for Twilight fans and the fact that she doesn't mind getting tons of hits from these same fans she disses at every opportunity. However, you've got to admit that she's generally got her story straight. I just think she should learn to stop biting the hand that feeds her. Anyway, I was really glad to see this excerpt posted on TwiCrack Addict...

"Robert Pattinson was running lines on Sunday too for a few hours. He has
however for the most part shut himself in when not working out, apparently
hasn’t ventured out much, prefers to be alone, politely declines invitations to
go out, either getting into character or perhaps frightened by the loser
twi-hards who’ve descended upon Vancouver to hunt him down?"

Now don't get me wrong, I don't think Rob should have no social life, but he said himself that the seclusion helps him to get into the role of Edward. Therefore, I am thrilled that he is keeping to himself when he's not working these days. Rob is an awesome actor, but we don't want him to lose the process that will bring about the best Edward possible.

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