Monday, March 23, 2009

DVD Review - 2 Disc Special Edition

After staying at home to prevent riots, Edward was eager to check out the DVD. Here he is taking it out of the box that I got when I pre ordered the movie from FYE.
In his hurry to get started he scattered things around...
then rushed right over to the player. Thank you for your help, Edward.
(No, I do not have man hands, that is my hubby holding up the DVD cover to help Edward out.)

So the first night we just watched the movie because we got home so late then had trouble with the new surround system that hubby had just installed. Turns out it was an issue with our player, so I went out on Saturday to buy a new one. I watched the extended scenes on Saturday morning. That was my only chance to watch anything because after I got home I was waiting for hubby to get the new player hooked up which didn't happen until after I'd gone to bed. Sunday evening I finally got to watch the deleted scenes, the theatrical promotions and the movie with commentary.

The Extended Scenes -
These cleared up a good deal of my issues with the movie. Remember, I didn't watch any spoilers online so I was pleasantly surprised by some of these. I loved the longer diner scene that included Bella offering to cook and a discussion of the Cullens. The extended meadow scene was nice because you can never have too much of the meadow, but I did think the positioning was a little awkward. Although I liked the journals part of the extended bedroom scene, I am so glad we were spared the information about the chinchilla droppings. That was completely unnecessary.

The Deleted Scenes -
I'm pretty glad we were spared the James and Victoria groping scene. It just seemed awkward, particularly with Laurent looking on. I really loved the scene where Edward and Bella were walking in the woods, right up until the point she offers him a "taste" and he eagerly accepts. This just wouldn't happen. This is long before Edward became anywhere near comfortable being around Bella's blood. Had this happened, he would have killed her on the spot. So although I enjoyed most of the scene, I'm very glad it didn't make it into the film. I liked the scene with Emmett and wish that one had made the movie. Edward clutching the side of the car...definitely intense. I loved the Carlisle and Esme scene and I would have liked that one in the movie.

The Commentary -
So far, this has been the highlight for me. Just when you think Rob can't do anything to make him more appealing, we hear this commentary. He was hilarious. I cannot tell you how many times I laughed so hard I was shaking, trying to keep from waking up the baby. I loved Catherine's insights into the filming difficulties and drama. I really loved this part and I am sure I will be watching it again. I can't decide if my favorite part was when Rob said they ate cheeseburgers, when he talked about the multiple fractures in his foot or when he said "I hope it's a horse!" You also have the Efron line. Rob certainly made the commentary for me. If you have not watched it with commentary, go do so right now!
Edward did not enjoy the commentary. He found Rob to be far too critical and did not appreciate being called a freak.

I would say that the only major change in my review of the movie from the theater to the DVD would be that I seriously underrated Jackson's performance as Jasper. I'm really looking forward to him in New Moon. I'm hoping to watch the documentary later tonight. The 3Disc Set should be arriving any day now so I'll be reviewing those extra features later this week.


~ Joy ~ said...

The commentary on the movie is most definitely my favorite part of the whole 3 disk collection.
And the deleted scenes were really good. I'm glad the chinchilla droppings line wasn't in there either. I mean srssssly?
I showed the children the baseball scene. They were in AWE!
I watched the movie with friends on Saturday. The movie and commentary on Sunday and tonight my husband and I are going to watch the movie again after we get the children to bed.

Anonymous said...

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