Saturday, March 14, 2009

New Moon locales in Vancouver

From Twilight Lexicon...The Vancouver Sun has an article giving plenty of location ideas for the filming of New Moon. Not only do they suggest suitable sites based on appearance, but they even list details such as the ease of access and distance from local areas that are "likely a terrifically rich source of Twilight fans". This is a really interesting read. A lot of thought has gone into this article. My favorite piece of advice is in relation to the Cullen house...

Edward Cullen's home in Twilight is a very modern wood and glass structure in
the woods. The home used in Twilight is in Portland, Ore. It's a day's drive to
get there from Vancouver, so why not go back? It's easier than trying to build a
fake house. The risk in using the same house is that fans will be watching the
neighbourhood for any signs of activity. The home is already on the Twilight fan
pilgrimage circuit.

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