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My Twilight Review (November 24, 2008)

(Originally posted November 24, 2008)

By the time I'm writing this, I've seen the movie twice. The first time it was a girl's night out. Less to distract from Edward that way. On Saturday, hubby and I went.

I got chills when the movie started with the preface of the book. Hearing Bella speak those words was awesome. I loved the music they used for the opening credits and I liked Charlie immediately. He turned out to be a big surprise of the movie for me.

The Cullens coming into the After the first four came in, my bff looked over to me and asked if I was ready. I admit, I took a huge deep breath when Edward came in. Oh, and that smile when Jessica said there wasn't anyone there he thought was good enough for him. Ah, Edward...dazzling! I couldn't find a good picture of the biology class scene. I've read that a lot of people thought it was overacted, completely off, or just downright ridiculous. There was a lot of laughter at that scene in the first showing, much less in the second one. I thought he did a wonderful job. The look of disgust isn't because he finds her disgusting, he's disgusted with himself for wanting her blood so badly. That's one spot where I think the book far out performed the movie, in conveying Edward's deep self-hatred.

Of course, the van scene. The looks they exchanged in those brief seconds before he jumped over the back of the truck...again, wow.
The hospital scene was played well and I loved Carlisle so much more than I thought I would. The argument between Bella and Edward was nearly word for word from the book.

When he approached her in the cafeteria and caught her apple, pure magic. And here you have another scene very close to the wording of the book..."What if I'm the bad guy?"
I hate to say it, I really do, but this is one place I feel that the film truly out shined the book. In the book he admits to being a vampire on the ride home from Port Angeles. In the movie, it just seemed so much more dramatic to me. The way he stood there behind her and made her, "Say it., out loud, say it." WOW This whole scene was just so powerful. Him following her into the woods, their confrontation, the movie's version of the meadow scene where we see him in the sunlight...just an awesome section.
The intensity of their discussion, him demonstrating to her his speed and strength, all just as compelling as the scenes in the book.
To me, this is the "meadow" scene. I was happy to see that he did sparkle in the meadow, but I missed the tentative touching of hands and testing of limitations from the book.
I have to say that I have a favorite scene that I didn't find a picture of at all, and that was when he came to Bella's house to tell her that he's going to take her home to meet his parents. Him jumping on the truck, bouncing around, pulling the dent out, fidgeting as he definitely conveyed the picture of a teenage boy in love. (Then you also have Jacob showing up right after that and commenting, "You got the dent out.")

I also really enjoyed the whole meeting the family scene. I loved all the Cullens even more than I expected too, with the possible exception of Jasper, although I didn't have high hopes as far as he was concerned anyway. Edwards' reaction to his family's meeting of Bella was just priceless!
I tried purposely not to repost pictures I'd already used in this review, but another highlight is that wonderful crooked smile when they are in his room and Bella says she's not afraid of him...right before they fly out the window! (You can see the picture in my Today is Twilight post.)

I have to admit, I have mixed feelings about the whole "Spider Monkey" line, but I loved it when they were at this point and he asked her if she trusted him and she replied, "in theory."
The scenes in the trees provided some of the most beautiful cinematography I've ever seen. What a gorgeous setting for this story.

Of course, the first kiss. I was thinking to myself as the scene progressed that I couldn't believe Edward was letting things get that hot and heavy and then...boom. Wow, that certainly gets your attention. (And proved my thinking

The baseball scene was absolutely awesome and so much fun to watch. I'd forgotten that Emmett and Edward collided in the air in the book. I honestly wouldn't have minded if that scene had been twice as long.
I really loved Emmett and I wish he'd had more screen time. He was great. After him riding standing in his jeep earlier in the movie, when we got to this part hubby looked at me and said, "Emmett just likes to ride that way, doesn't he?"

I enjoyed seeing Alice putting her visions down on paper. This is not how I pictured it when reading the book and was actually much cooler. I think my biggest issue with Alice is that we didn't see the friendship that she developed with Bella like we did in the book.

Other than skipping the visit to her house, and showing her getting away from Alice and Jasper much too easily, the meeting with James was very "by the book" per se. Bella was more awake for the action and in the movie Edward does most of the work of taking down James. Of course just like in the book his family took care of actually getting rid of James as Edward was with Bella.
The pain in Edward's voice as he contemplated what he was going to have to do to save Bella...amazing. Even though I've read the book three times and knew exactly what was going to happen here, I was on pins and needles. You could feel his anguish. Wonderfully acted.

The hospital scene wasn't exactly all that I'd hoped for. I was really waiting for him to kiss her and set off the monitors like he did in the book. Otherwise, it accomplished the same thing.
The scene with Edward and Charlie sitting at the table waiting for Bella to come down for prom was hilarious! They looked wonderful for the prom, but I missed the whole Tyler showing up to pick her up and Edward informing him that Bella was unavailable and would continue to be so every night as far as anyone other than him was concerned.

And the dialogue at the end as they were preparing to leave prom...tears were rolling down my cheeks. Are you ready? Right now?
If you cannot tell, I absolutely loved this movie and plan to go at least once or twice more while it's still in the theater. The DVD is scheduled to come out in April, complete with roughly a dozen deleted scenes and some montages that Catherine Hardwicke put together just for the DVD. I don't have to tell you that I will be purchasing that on the day that it comes out. Hubby stopped to let me get the soundtrack on the way home.
I was really surprised by how much I enjoyed Emmett's character and how wonderfully acted Rosalie's part was. I don't understand the reviews I've read complaining about the poor acting. I thought it was wonderful. There was so much that I loved about this movie. Although film adaptations are never the exact same as the book, this one managed to convey the essence of the story and I was just as enthralled with it as I was with the book. Was the book better or the movie better? They were two different things, and I loved them both.
I have more Twilight posts on the way...

(This was really fun for me to read again after all this time. Some of my opinions changed after more viewings and some time passing, others didn't. I just can't wait to see it again!)


AngiDe- Nana's Box said...

Great review!! Made me super excited for tonight! And up until now, I thought I was the only one that loved that baseball scene!! I love the music, the scenery and how the cullens are carefree and happy. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

my name is tiffani and i came upon your blog and thaought it was pretty cool. when i first went to see twilight in thearters(i have seen it many times in the theater) and you should have seen my reviews lol....i went from every detail. and i was reading reveiw on the bella almost being crushed by tyler's van. and thought of my review. in the first trailers of twilight i loved when bella looked at him and edward had this look of panic on his face like what have i done. he looked really scared and that he shoudn't don't that i could have exposed our secret. that shot they didn't but in the movie...just the ending of where edward looks at bella with a sense of serene on his face like it's okay. and also when bella meets the cullens and she is in edward's the trailer she says "i'm not afraid of you" she says it with such confidence(hence the book) and edward reply "you shouldn't have said that" with a serious menacing tone, but playful. in the movie once again they use a diffrent take. where bella says it with not such confidence and edward playfully says " you shouldn't have said that" before she is wisked away.

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Hazel Designs said...

I loved this review! I so, so agree - when Edward first appeared I started cheering. It was a great moment.