Monday, March 23, 2009

Midnight Release Party

So the "Eyes of Amber" girls went to the midnight release party at our local FYE. We look pretty happy in this picture, and we were, because we finally have our DVDs in hand and we are getting ready to head home! This was not our mood earlier in the night.So the five of us showed up in our Twilight shirts with "Eyes of Amber" and the blog address on the back. We were all there by about 10:30, browsing and chatting, filling out the trivia quiz, snacking and so forth. At this point in time, we were really enjoying ourselves. They went over the trivia answers, drew a winner and gave away the door prizes then played the soundtrack while we waited for midnight to arrive. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 11:30, lines started to form, so we got in line, the first time.

As midnight drew closer, the excitement grew and eventually we saw them bring the boxes out. The hum of anticipation was palatable. And the story all goes down hill from now. We stood there and never moved. At some point we realized that the woman in front of us in line actually had her DVD in her hands! Moments later an announcement was made that the line needed to be formed around a post because people had been waiting in line across from us and had not been served. (Note that we'd actually been in line longer than the people on that side, but were then forced to go around to the back of that line or the line that was at the front of the store.)

Things did not go any better in this line. The giddiness of being so close to bringing Edward home was overshadowed by the frustration at having to wait so long. Everyone in our group had put deposits down to preorder their copies, but this made no difference. In fact I think it slowed things down. They had attached receipts with your name to a copy of the DVD so when you did actually get to a register, they had to go through the boxes to find your DVD. At this point, the youngest among our group was beyond exhaustion and fell asleep. Her dad took her home. People were beginning to just leave and say they'd come back the next day. We had invested so many hours at this point, we weren't going to leave until we got what we came for.

They were running a promotion if you bought the Twilight DVD and another DVD you received a free Twilight tote bag. While this was great, it was another hold up because people who didn't realize they had to have a second DVD to get the tote were actually leaving the register while checking out, going to find another movie, then returning to finish their transaction. People were cutting in line everywhere. We stood in the same place for so long. One of the girls had gone to the other line, to see if it would move any faster. Her DVD was on the same receipt as mine, so we knew we'd have to meet up whenever one of us finally got up front. When the line in front of her dropped to ten people, we moved into our third line of the evening!

From this line we finally got our DVDs. It was so funny, I got a text message from my hubby saying he hoped I was having fun. Another one of the girls called her husband with the news that we were close to the register. (He was the one who had taken their sleepy daughter home.) It was insane. So, we all sat down on the bench outside the store and had our pictures taken with our DVDs. So to recap, we arrived around 10:30 and got into line about 11:30. By the time we sat down on that bench for our pictures it was 1:20! That's right, three hours.

After three hours, we decided to take our picture with Edward on the way out. It was slightly crazy because one of the Team Jacob girls among us was trying to do ugly things to Edward. I recall there was a conversation that occurred right after this pic, and she even asked me if it was going to go on the blog...but I honestly can't remember what it was about. We were all so tired it was just ridiculous. I promise to post it if I can remember it!

So a lesson was learned and we will not be getting New Moon from FYE. They were completely unprepared for the crowd, did nothing to speed up the process for people who'd already placed their orders, and ran out of punch around 11! Hasn't everyone learned by now? If it's got to do with Twilight, it's going to be at least twice as big as you expect.

Edward and I will post a DVD review soon. I'm still enjoying watching the special features. So here is hoping your release night went better than ours did. Thanks to our photographer!

Update: I did receive an apology email from FYE today stating that things would definitely be improved for future events.


T. L. C. said...

You said is sista! This was a MESS! The pics turned out way better then what i thought they would! For moods and the time at night it was!

But, at least in the beginning i had fun hanging out with you and the others....then it all went down hill....

At least I got my darn DVD!

Sabrina said...

Ummmm... I believe Edward is missing a specific head adornment in this picture...

... GO TEAM JACOB!!! :)

Fox Otter said...

I went to my local Hot Topic release and I can assure you my experience wasn't any better there. We didn't even have trivia. It was basically waiting in line from 9:45pm until 12:30am. I was dog tired too, but I also had a happy picture of myself with DVD in hand.