Friday, March 27, 2009

Michael Welch Interview

While checking out New Moon Movie, I discovered an excerpt from Touched by Twilight's interview with Michael Welch. I have to say I was excited to read it. I think Michael does an awesome job as Mike in the movie and although I've heard others say it is annoying, I love that he calls Bella "Arizona" all the time. I have to say, I enjoyed reading this interview almost as much as I did watching him in the movie. What a cool guy!

Have you ever imagined that one character would give you so much exposure and gather you so many fans of all ages? How does that make you feel?

Like a southern bell with a fancy new hat! No, it makes me feel very humbled and appreciative that people would respond to me in a positive way. Although, the higher up the pole you climb, the more everyone can see your bum… Did I imagine this for myself? Not really. I always saw my career going the way of someone like Ed Harris (in a good case scenario). Great actor, well respected, works all the time, but nobody’s screaming for Ed Harris. To experience thousands of people screaming at you is totally indescribable. I never could have asked for this but now that it’s here, it feels very nice and I thank you for your intense and warm support. Not many people get to experience what I’m going through.

Just love it! Read the entire interview here.


~ Joy ~ said...

Your site is gorgeous! You must work so hard! Great post. I love Mike's personality.

Letters to Twilight said...

awwww mike welch! we love you and your funny personality. great find!