Sunday, March 29, 2009

Fan Fiction Feature - Edward and the Bed

There is truly some wonderful fan fiction out there. As I come across ones that I really enjoy, with the author's permission, I'm going to share them here. So for my first installment of Fan Fiction Feature, I present to you a one chapter work by tara sue me.

Edward and the Bed

I heard Emmett’s feet on the stairs three seconds before I heard his thoughts. Currently, he was thinking about his latest bet with Jasper, but all that was about to change.

“Edward,” he called rounding the corner. “You missed –” He stopped as he rushed into my room and his eyes latched on the new addition. “Dude. That’s a bed.”

“Congratulations, Emmett,” I said dryly. “You’ve passed Interior Design 101.”

You can read the rest of the story here. It is a very funny take on what happened in the Cullen house the day Edward bought the bed. It is rated M, but trust me, it's no more racy than anything in the Twilight series, and a really fun read. Thanks to tara sue me for allowing me to share her work here.

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