Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Does Lainey know her wolves?

TwiCrack Addict has posted the following cast list courtesy of Lainey Gossip.

Taylor Lautner: Jacob Black

Chaske Spencer: Sam Uley - IMDb

Tyson Houseman: Quil Ateara

Alex Meraz: Paul

Kiowa Gordon: Embry Call

Bronson Pelletier: Jared - IMDb

Tinsel Korey: Emily - IMDb

Of course this has still not been officially confirmed, with the exception of Taylor Lautner as Jacob and of course Bronson Pelletier was confirmed as being in the film, but his exact role was not stated.

From New Moon Movie...
Tinsel Korey has previous acting experience in film, but Kiowa Gordon seems to be a virtual unknown. From what I can find, he’s an 18 year old high school student that lives in Cave Creek, AZ (where Stephenie Meyer lives, coincidentally)
I like that we're getting unknowns for these parts. Now, if we could get a cast list for the Volturi...

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~ Joy ~ said...

oooooooh, exciting! It's all coming together. =D