Saturday, March 21, 2009

CBA Interviews Bobby Long

Cullen Boys Anonymous has an interview with Bobby Long. You can read the whole interview at their site, but here are a some of my favorite parts.

CBA: Do you have any songs you have written that are too
personal to release?
BL: "No not yet but I'm young."

When all the CBA (Cullen Boys Anonymous) girls come
to see you in Phoenix, will you say hi to us?
BL: "That sound's like a secret agency for spies. But
yes." (Honestly, Bobby you have no idea the lengths our Cullen boy addiction
has driven us to. LOL!)

The story for Let Me Sign is that it was written on a
roof, how did you guys ever end up on a roof writing songs?
BL: "I don't know really to be honest it's just nice being
out under the night sky isn't it."

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