Sunday, February 1, 2009

Wolf Pack Changing Already?

According to TwiCrack Addict, where I got this picture, Jacob may be the only La Push boy returning for New Moon. The open casting call that has gone out includes both Sam Uley and Embry Call. I hate to see them switch around cast members. It just ruins the continuity of the films. However, in this case, neither of these characters were identified by name in the movie. I had to check the cast listing to find out whether the guy with Sam was supposed to by Quil or Embry. The only reason I knew the other guy was Sam was because of the book.
I have nothing personal against either of these actors, but I don't think that Solomon Trimble looks anything like the Sam that I pictured when reading the books. I feel like it's safe to say that now that I've seen him in character. For about thirty minutes after Rob Pattinson was announced as Edward, I didn't think he could possibly be my Edward. That, however, was based on the poor choice of picture used with the press release. Once I looked at other shots, I decided he could definitely pull it off. I'm not saying that Solomon did a bad job, I'm just saying that he's not Sam to me.
An article on says that the feel Solomon is being passed over for a Hollywood teen heartthrob. I don't think Sam would be cast as a teen, not if they are following the book anyway. He's already been changing for a while so he's reached his physical maturity. As for the roles going to true Native Americans, these are actors playing characters. I'm guessing that if they find the right people who are Native Americans that is a bonus, but I don't think that Summit should be criticized if the roles are not played by Native Americans. Is the role of Jane being played by an Italian? Most likely not since it sounds like only the minor details remain to finalize Dakota Fanning in the role.
What are your thoughts?

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