Monday, February 23, 2009

What a Sweetheart Giveaway - Updated

My special guest revealed, Edward stopped by to help me out with the giveaway. Of course first he wanted to inspect what we were giving away, since his face is on the box. Then he wanted to inspect them all to see what they said.
And finally he chose a favorite to show you all and inspire you to enter the giveaway!
So here are the details. There will be three winners. The Grand Prize is a set of all three boxes. Three other winners will receive one box. Not that I'm a Bella hater, because I swear I'm not, but I have two Edward boxes and one full cast box for those three lucky winners.

In order to enter, you must first leave a comment on this post answering the following questions. This will give you two entries.
1. Which box design is your favorite?
2. If you could design a conversation heart, what would it say and who would you give it to?

Now, if you'd like to up your odds even more, you can earn additional optional entries. (Why wouldn't you want more chances to win?)
Become a follower and let me know in the comments (or say you already are)
Blog about this giveaway and let me know in the comments
Link my site to your blog and let me know in the comments (if I'm already linked, just let me know)
So there you have opportunity for Five entries! Please be sure that I have a way to contact you. All entries must be in by noon EST on Wednesday, March 4. The winners will be announced that evening.

Thanks to Edward for stopping by to help out, what a sweetheart!
Update: There has been a slight change in the contest, rather than listing on the old imdb post the answers for the two questions, you can now post them here. If you have already replied on the other post, you do not need to post here again. You still have your two entries.


Tierra Lynne said...

I soooo want the EdwardBox. So glad Edward stopped by to inspect! Tell he looked so dreamy in his tux last night. I swear, I fell in love so hard!!!

Emilie said...

What awesome boxes, so cute.

The Giveaway Diva said...

ooo cute!!

TwiCrack Addict said...

I love this, Amber! cool :-)

Jenny said...

Fun! I want them all!

Anonymous said...

cool boxes :D

Lilmo said...

YAY!!! Another giveaway. CBA is frickin' the BEAST EVER :D Good Luck to everyone!!!!

~ Joy ~ said...

I feel like I'm already a winner just knowing you!!! MUAH!

But candy would be kickin'!

April said...

That was very nice of Edward to help you out.

Kris said...

These are so cool. I can't find then anywhere around here.

I am a follower or the blog.

I have a link to your blog on my blog.

my contact email is

Ana Cristina said...

D'oh! How could I forget to enter?! You were included in my Tuesday Twi-spam, I am definitely a follower, and my blog is definitely linked to yours, so I guess that means I only have to answer the two questions:

1. Both box designs are cute. I'd be happy to receive whichever one Edward wants to give me. :-)
2. If I could design a convo heart, it would say: "Take care of my heart - I've left it with you." said...

1.Both box designs are gawjuss. I'd be happy to receive whichever one Edward wants to give me.
2. My convo heart would say: "Take care of my heart - I've left it with you."