Thursday, February 12, 2009


Again, I'm still trying to catch up. I first found out ROBsessed from TwiCrack Addict. I try, not always successfully, to walk that fine line between a heavy does of Rob on my Twilight blog, and a Rob blog with a healthy dose of It's nice to have indulgence of another Rob devoted site. It's certainly among my favorites. Here are some of my favorites from this post, which I highly recommend you check out.

This is one of my favorite scenes in the movie because it's Edward just acting like a boy in love. He's not trying to hide anything in this scene, he's just being himself, happy, excited and just crazy about Bella.

This smile...that is all I have to say.


ROBsessed said...

Thanks for the love Amber :)

Tierra Lynne said...

Oh jeepers this is great to look at for Valentines ...I agree on all points. Love that scene and LOVE that smile.

Have you pre-ordered your DVD yet. At the mall you can pre-order the box set for 5 dollars and pick it up on midnight the 21st! I know where I'll be.

~ Joy ~ said...

Yes, that smile. gawsh.

Amber said...


Did you pre-order it at FYE? I'll probably go do that this weekend. Maybe we could ride together to pick them up.