Wednesday, February 11, 2009

New Moon Poster Contest

New Moon has now posted the posters on their website and opened up the voting. There are so many awesome designs to choose from. I particularly liked these so I'm posting them here. Head on over, check them all out and cast your vote.

This one is Sarah-A. I love the visual of this one. The single ruffled tulip, Edward walking away, that crushing tag line. I really love this one.

This one is Vanessa-B. I absolutely love the tag line on this one. How creative. The visuals are really great, too.

This one is Kayla-A. The visual on this one is just breathtaking. This is one I'd love to have up on my wall. It's just gorgeous.

This one is CarlosAdrian-C. I barely have words for this one. Wow, it conveys every bit of the heartbreak of New Moon. It causes me physical pain just to look at it. I am going to need SO many tissues to make it through this movie.
So there are my four favorites. I am really glad that I'm not having to judge these. There are just so many wonderful ones. The Twilight fan base is such a talented group!


~ Joy ~ said...

These posters are just awesome!

Thanks for posthastely posting these posters!!

Jenny said...

Oh Wow! They are so good! Now I'm craving more Twilight 'everything'!!!!!!

Jamila said...