Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I need to catch up!

Wow, I take a day off from what seems to be a slow news week and I come back SO far behind! I took some time to work on my entries for the Twilight Lexicon Love Letters contest. I got them in last night with 30 minutes to spare! I may post them here on Valentine's Day, if I get my nerve I was stressed out just sending them in.

Anyway, through the day today I'm going to attempt to get caught up. There's this little person in my house who is requiring extra attention today, and I don't mean my Pocket Edward. Although, as you'll see in one of my posts, I owe him some extra attention too in order to make up for what happened to him yesterday when my toddler played with him. I should have learned more from Lauren's warnings about what can happen when Edward is left unattended.

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