Saturday, February 14, 2009

Emmett and Rosalie

To My Monkey Man,

Another Valentine’s Day is upon us. I have lost track of just exactly how many we’ve celebrated over the years. And of course, those celebrations have varied greatly. Sometimes we’ve been newlyweds, sometimes high school sweethearts, but always together. Until the day I saw you, I thought there was nothing worse in this world than what I had already suffered. But in that moment, I realized that I was wrong. Nothing seemed more horrid to me than the thought of watching you die. So ironic, the life I never would have chosen for myself, I so quickly chose for you when the alternative was a life without you.
I wonder if that was selfish of me. In saving you, I condemned you. Whatever my initial motive, it is not a decision I would change. At that point in my life, you became the only thing more important to me than me, and you’ve stayed that way. You treat me like a queen, Emmett. You indulge my whims, you grant my every wish. I certainly wouldn’t want to spend this eternity as anything less than your wife. Besides, who else could I break houses with?

I love you Emmett,

Your Rose

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