Saturday, February 14, 2009

Carlisle and Esme

My Dearest Carlisle,

It is difficult for me to recall a time before I knew you. To remember a time when you didn’t mean so very much to me. You captured my attention so thoroughly at our first meeting that you never left my mind. I never forgot you, not for a single moment. You were in my dreams each night. No man I ever met could measure up to you.
When we first met, my darling, you mended my broken leg. So many years later, when you changed me, you mended my broken heart. I had wanted so much from life, and had received none of it. By changing me, you have given me things that my old life never could. You have given me true love. You have given me a beautiful family. You have given me the very best of all that life has to offer. You have given me that precious, most elusive of all gifts. You, sweet Carlisle, are my very own happy ending.

Yours Forever,


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