Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Twilightations Giveaway - Jack & Ella Designs

This year before Christmas I discovered the wonder that is Etsy and ordered several Twilight gifts from there. I have since made another discovery. Twilightations is a wonderful place to find homemade Twilight goodies of all kinds. They are doing some awesome giveaways right now. This is just one of them, featuring Jack and Ella Designs. They have some of the most beautiful items. These were my favorites.

Most of you that have ever discussed Twilight with me know that this is my all time favorite, makes me swoon every time, quote. So of course I loved this one.
And how wonderful is this! It's funny, I never paid that much attention to this quote until I started trying to talk hubby into reading the books.
And another swoon worthy quote
Cruise over to Twilightations and find out how to enter. You can also get there by clicking the button in my sidebar. And of course, check out all the one wonderful, beautiful items available at Jack & Ella Designs.

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