Monday, January 12, 2009

Twilight DVD, Midnight Sun, New Moon & More

Yesterday I got an email from Tierra pointing out some neat information from IMDb. These are directed quoted from the trivia section of the Twilight page. I hadn't read it in a while and this information was all new.

I cannot wait to see which scene this is!
"Catherine Hardwicke has said that she filmed a scene with' Robert Pattinson' taken directly out of 'Midnight Sun', the unfinished novel by Stephenie Meyer telling the story of Twilight through Edward's perspective. Hardwicke said this scene will be on the DVD."

Also related to Midnight Sun...
"Stephenie Meyer wrote a parallel novel (unfinished) to 'Twilight' called 'Midnight Sun.' It tells the story of the first book from Edward's point of view. In it, he comments that the arrival of Bella to the school has all of the boys "acting like they're in first grade and she's the shiny new toy". This thought is spoken aloud by Jessica during Bella's first lunch in the cafeteria."

An explanation of how the Cullen crest came to be...
"The Cullen family crest (seen worn by all the Cullens) is a lion with a hand over its head, and a downward pointing chevron with 3 clovers. The lion was added because of the famous line "And so the Lion fell in love with the Lamb", but the other portions (chevron, clovers, and hand) are from the actual Cullen Coat of Arms, although there are fewer clovers (2), more hands (3), and a sheaf of wheat on the real one."

The New Moon IMDb site has recently been seriously expanded. It now includes a cast list, tag lines, plot synopsis and more. I found it very interesting that in the "movie connections" section in addition to the obvious Twilight, it lists Eclipse (2012) and Breaking Dawn (2013). I'll add my own bit of trivia to this...when Twilight was originally listed on IMDb, its release date was shown as 2010. New Moon was also originally listed with a 2010 projected release date. I believe that Summit may have already acquired the movie rights to Breaking Dawn, but I know that Rob and Kristen had only signed a three picture deal because Breaking Dawn had not been released at the time their contracts were drawn up. Stepehenie has also said that she feels Renesmee would have to be CGI, and I got the feeling she didn't think the technology was there yet to do this convincingly. I suppose we'll see how that turns out.

I pulled this quote from the trivia section...
'New Moon' begins filming in March 2009, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The 'Eclipse' sequel will be filmed back-to-back.

Please keep in mind here that IMDb isn't necessarily a source with 100% accuracy, especially with films still in production, but this certainly provides a lot to think about and a lot to look forward to!

Thanks to Tierra for sending me in this direction!


Tierra Lynne said...

You are VERY welcome my friend! I hadnt relized that they would be fliming back to back SO this is going to be a long, and great ride for us twilighters.
And I LOVE it <3 <3 <3 !!!

Joy~ said...

I'm counting down to March 21st!

Is there a countdown widget yet for the DVD release, or for NEW MOON?

Ana Cristina said...

Exciting news! Thanks for posting. I came here via "Lauren's Bite" and will definitely come back (I'm one of your new "followers." :p)

I have my own Twi-blog in case you want to check it out: