Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Rob at open mic

Rob is still at home in London, trying to lay low and stay out of the Twilight mania for a little while. I want to make it clear that I am NOT a fan of PerezHilton, but I did want to post this story that originated there. I will not, however, be linking to his site or the other sites reporting it because they all link back to his site. Yesterday he posted a fan pic with Rob from a pub. Today he posted two more pics of Rob...

"This time he was spotted again at a SoHo pub in London for open mic night.

We're told Pattinson was there with some friends and performed two songs which apparently "silenced the room" with how good he was."

As a huge fan of Rob's music, I'm not surprised that he "silenced the room," but I would like to know what two songs he did.

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Anonymous said...

seriously- if perez is gonna exploit him like that (and ew- i'm with you- i hate perez!) at least provide us with some audio of the blessed event!