Thursday, January 22, 2009

Please tell me this is not true!

E! is reporting that Dakota Fanning is in talks to play Jane in New Moon. Please, please, please tell me this is not so! She is so over exposed! And why oh why can't people figure out that Twilight vampires do NOT have fangs! No fangs people, figure it out. I really hope that the role of Jane goes to a very talented yet lesser known actress. Casting Dakota Fanning in the role makes this a Dakota Fanning movie...not a movie about Edward and Bella. I mean, we'd like to get new fans on board, but not this way.

Also, the fact that they did the picture this way bugs me and it says she would be playing "opposite" Robert Pattinson as though she'd be another lead. This is a sore spot for me, if you can't tell.

What do you think? Do you want to see her cast as Jane?
I neglected to mention my concern as to what casting Dakota Fanning in the role would do to the budget which is already going to be stretched if they're going to shoot in Italy and get the special effects done right. This is a role that will be expanded upon in the following movies, particularly Eclipse. Also, according to her bio on Twilight Lexicon, Jane is originally from Volterra. Why not cast a young Italian actress in the role?
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Lauren said...

I really like her...and I am sure people won't think of her as a lead. It will all work out.

Joy~ said...

When I saw this post it made me nervous for the same reasons, Amber. Unless - they make Dakota unrecognizable as Jane with the short crop dark hair. My guess is Dakota is a huge fan of the books and just wants to be a intrigue part of the fandom. . .just because she can.
If I were a famous actress, I'd even be willing to be 'Mom of the Little Girl by the Fountain in Voltura' just to be in New Moon!!! Well, if I couldn't be Edward's pea coat.

Now appearing: The part of Edward's pea coat will be played by Joy L. Paet.

Thank you. Thank you.

Ana Cristina said...

I like her in the films she's done, but for Jane? No way. They need someone older. I know she's supposed to look angelic and young, but this is pushing the young factor a bit much.

Ana Cristina said...

LOL @ Joy's comment re: playing Edward's pea coat. OK, fine, but I get to play his T-shirt. ;)