Friday, January 16, 2009

New Vanity Fair Outtakes

There were five new Vanity Fair outtakes released today.
I've got to agree with Lauren, this is just a really awkward pose
I love Rob's face in this one, not sure exactly why
What exactly is Rob doing to Taylor?


Tierra Lynne said...

Because he looks dead SEXY thats why!!! Haha LOL I too saw that pictires and for some reason LOVED his face even though he's on the sides!

The weird pose one, though to me it is a weird pose but I still likey alot!!!

I think vanity fair just needs to to an entire issue book of just all the photos they did and save them selves the trouble of calling back the photographer and getting permission to keep releasing more photos. Agree?
I'd buy that book in a heartbeat!!!

Amber said...

Tierra, I just love you. You are so funny! I would definitely buy that book, too.