Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My Hot Topic Wish List

In this uncertain economic climate, Hot Topic is doing unbelievably well. Of course, Twilight fans have no problem explaining it. Yet again, they have added new items. I highly recommend that you check out their website. Here is just a little taste of what they're offering now...

This is the most expensive item on my list, but anyone who has ever discussed Twilight with me knows that this is my ultimate favorite quote...(although I prefer the quote in its entirety, this is gorgeous)
I LOVE this locket
Esme's braceletOf course not a Hot Topic exclusive, but they do have it and I do want it
Yes, I did get an Edward doll for Christmas, but this one is bigger, and less expensive
These are just too cute! (Also available in Team Jacob)
Twilight trading cards
Keyring (Although I really want the Cullen Crest bag clip from Amazon, too)
The "Bad Guy" Poster
Edward sticker
And how cool are these? LOL Twilight bandages
So, I know that you now feel unending gratitude to me for sharing these things with you. No thanks is necessary, however Hot Topic gifts cards are accepted! LOL


Joy~ said...

Nice list of cool things. I hope you get 'em all.

I like the bandages. Those are so cool.

Tierra Lynne said...

ooooh I want that Esme bracelet!!!! But, I dont want to pay 20 bucks!!! I did get the Twilight movie companion book for christmas. Love it. What does the locket say???