Saturday, January 31, 2009

Dakota Fanning

I haven't posted anything on Dakota Fanning for a while despite all the buzz that's been going around. At this point I'm sure you all know that it's confirmed that the offer has been made, it's just a matter if all the details can be worked out or not. I'm on the fence about this one. It bothers me tremendously that she hasn't even read New Moon. It's like TwiCrack Addict says, I couldn't put the books down and she's yet to finish Twilight. In reality, she has very little knowledge of the character she's in talks to play. Here are some links...

Dakota Fanning thinks Rob is "very, very cute" here
Dakota hasn't finished reading Twilight here
Ashley and Kellan are pro-Fanning here
Peter Facinelli is pro-Fanning here
"Becoming Jane" would be fantastic here

(All of these are from TwiCrack Addict. What can I say, Cheeky J's on top of things!)

So how does everyone else feel about Dakota Fanning as Jane? Has your opinion changed since the initial speculation? What do you think is taking so long in the talks? I know she was supposed to have met with Chris Weitz this past week, so when are we going to get some news?

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