Thursday, January 22, 2009

Could New Moon return to Kalama?

Chris Weitz and the producers of Twilight revisited the high school in Kalamaused as Forks High. Although they have not committed to filming there, they have told officials at the school that if they did, they would need to be there in late March or early April. You can read the whole article here.

The trip was to show Chris Weitz all the places that they used to film Twilight. Does this mean that the whole thing won't be filmed in Canada after all? Or does it mean that they're just trying to get a good idea of what they're looking for to make the movies match up? I don't know how they'd find another house to use for the Cullen house and there certainly isn't any way to leave it out of the movie. What do you think?

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Joy~ said...

The school's superintendent quote was fraught with speculation:

"It’s possible they shot enough footage during the filming of “Twilight” last spring to supply the sequel, he noted."

Really, wow dude, if you think so.