Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Asking for your help

You may notice two buttons in my sidebar now for Top Twilight Blogs and Twilight Top Sites. I know from my site meter that I have a lot more hits each day than the number of comments and followers reflect. I'm thrilled to have readers, even if you don't want to comment or follow me. I would really appreciate it though if you'd take a moment to click on those buttons to vote for me and rate my site. It would also be great if you linked to me on your blog. I have a friend making a new banner for me and as soon as that's done, I'll have a button for you.

As the site grows I'd love to do some contests and giveaways and who knows what else! If you have suggestions, I'd love to hear from you. Let me know what you want to see on the site. I thank you for your help and support. This blog brings me a lot of joy and stress relief...LOL


Ana Cristina said...

My blog brings me a lot of joy and stress relief, too! As does reading blogs like yours, so you can definitely count on my vote.

I'm pretty OK with making banners and pretty junk for blogs, so let me know if you ever need help! I love tinkering with pictures. :p

Joy~ said...

I love your site Amber! I'll be a faithful follower!