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Eclipse Discussion: Chapter 3: Motives

This post contains book spoilers through chapter 3 of Eclipse.

It's not too surprising that the chapter name be symbolic of the events in the chapter, but I find myself noticing them a lot more this time around. Motives are always key to understanding people. Law enforcement always looks for a 'motive' for a crime, because it helps them understand the kind of person that might have committed the crime and catch them faster. We see some of that come into play here, and we see that vampires and werewolves are not exempt.

The chapter opens with Bella and Edward returning from their weekend visit with Bella's mother in Florida. Bella reminisces about her time with her mom. Both Bella and Edward note how surprisingly observant Renee is.
Sabrina: I love this chapter. First of all, I like getting to know Renee a little bit better, that she's more than just scatterbrained and irresponsible.
: She provides something we very rarely get, a look at Edward and Bella's relationship from the outside
: Yeah, I like seeing their relationship from a third party. Other than Mike Newton saying "he looks at you like you are something to eat", we just don't get enough of that. And it's normally about this time that I stop being so mad at Edward. I've seen those couples. The ones that you can *tell* love each other by looking at them, even when they are going about their everyday lives. It helps me resolve what they have been through, to know that it's like that
: but hearing it from Renee's outside view certainly gives even more reason that the other guys all backed off from Bella once she was with Edward. They were very obviously together.
I love what Sabrina had to say. You know, me, hardcore Edward girl. I'm not blind to Edward's faults, but I do forgive him pretty easy. It's very interesting to me to see our Team Jacob girl talk this way about their relationship.
Sabrina: So, on the Team Charlie front. He was very nice to Edward when they returned
: I don't know if I'd call that "very nice" but "played nice"
: played nice
: I like that
: I always wonder what happens off camera in these books, I bet Renee called Charlie while they were flying back and probably told him what a sweet boy he was and he obviously cares for Bella and he was such a gentlemen and all. Sabrina: i know, but I can just see Charlie saying that with a half-sarcastic smile. I love Charlie!
They return and they learn that Jacob has been trying to reach Bella. Jacob is agitated (What else is new?) and wants to know if she'll be in school the next day.
Kerry: I think it's interesting that she jumps to the conclusion that he's calling to check up on her.
: Well she hasn't gotten him to return her calls at all up to this point
: I think it is telling that Bella jumps straight to that conclusion. Mayhaps she's a little nervous about it herself?
They arrive at school the next day, and it becomes clear that Jacob actually wants to talk to Edward.
Sabrina: Between calling her and showing up at the school. What convinces him that they can be friends?
: I think that was partly to get under Edward's skin
: I think it's a mix of missing her, of wanting to still be able to see her, and wanting to annoy Edward while he was at it
: Maybe part... I think only a small part. My personal opinion is that he had the opportunity to remember how much Bella meant to him.. and realized that he should use the time he had left with her
: We might disagree on the percentage of "annoy Edward" it was, but the basic idea is in agreement
: But yeah, I think he was also in part fueled by jealousy. It had to get his back up to actually see them together.
: We have the fact that jacob spilled the beans about Victoria.
: I think he was surprised that Edward hadn't told her that
: I think he was surprised that Edward hadn't told her, and then decided to try to use it against him...
: I'm not saying I necessarily agree with Edward, but Jacob was definitely being malicious there
: Oh, Jacob was malicious during most of this scene
: but I wasn't upset with Jacob at all
: it makes me wonder if he was sincere about really missing her, or if he just really wanted to get under Edward's skin. I mean, I think he was sincere, but it made me really doubt him there for a second.
: he was using what he had at hand to fight for his woman.
: lol... Amber, you are soooo Bella. You always defend them both
: I never for one second doubted that he was sincere in saying how much he missed her
: I know, that's me...I'm a total Bella
: but he was definitely using his words and tone, not to mention his thoughts, to provoke Edward
: I'm beginning to wonder how much I actually contribute, because you're right, I defend them both
: Yeah, I agree. It just made me wonder at him for a minute. He's changed so much since the beginning of New Moon.
He really has, hasn't he? I do feel sorry for Jacob, he's going through a heck of a lot for a 17 year old kid. I think, like anyone, these experiences are making both more mature, and less mature at the same time, since he doesn't know how to react. Make sense?
Kerry: this is probably where I really started to get irritated with Jacob the first time through... my appreciation for him has grown, but yeah..
: I do like that Jacob takes Edward to task about lying to her, though.
: Edward wasn't lying
: he didn't lie, exactly...omission yes...
: and not that it makes it right
Was it a lie? Maybe by omission. Edward in all his dazzling charm and fast talk to get her out of the area in the first place. Should he have told her that Victoria was coming back? And when, before they left? After they came back?
Sabrina: For what it's worth, I see Edward's side much more in this chapter.
Kerry: but he probably should have said something after Jacob's call
: I don't think he could have gotten her on the plane if she'd known.
Interesting point. We know Bella took this personally, that she had to protect the people she loved. Would she have gotten on the plane had she known Victoria was in the area? Does that change your previous answer?

The conversation eventually devolves into some disagreement between Jacob and Edward, with Jacob tormenting Edward a bit with memories of Bella during his absence. Jacob expresses to Bella how much he misses her. Bella wants to comfort him but Edward seems to be holding her back.
Kerry: Jacob was being very manipulative, with the guilt trip act...and while I do believe he missed her, that was very definitely an act..
: There he goes again, making decisions for her.
: No, it definitely isn't his place, but we don't get a clear picture of his motive.
: Protection? Jealousy? Support? Who knows?
: I don't doubt the emotion, and it may not have even been a conscious choice to run the guilt act, but it was a show for Bella, designed to make her feel bad.
: Jacob knows how to pull Bella's strings.
Eventually Bella and Edward must return to class, but she's not done with him yet. In a funny exchange of notes, Edward tells her what happened over the weekend, and Bella let's it be known that she expects to be in the loop on these things. Not as mousey as some might like to think Bella is!
Sabrina: yeah, I love how he gets her side-tracked about the plane.
: I LOVE the plane!!!!!
: That's classic, the humorous banter between them that we missed in Twilight
: I love the notes!!
: They come to an agreement though
: I'm afraid of flying...I need Edward to fly with me
: Yep... he's gotta tell it to her straight for now on
Kerry: He did the Edward charming distracting thing, but she got her message through, and he agreed, and it's the first time we really see them work something out in a real adult way.
: Relationship progress.
: Edward learns that his smooth charm can't get him out of everything.
Kerry: It serves it's purpose, it lightens the mood, and I think even though he's kinda joking, he's still demonstrating the lengths he'd go to to protect her, which is why he did what he did.
The chapter wraps up just after, with Edward agreeing to communicate more. We see a little growth in both of them and maybe the start of some adult behavior, setting them more apart from just teenagers with a crush.

Share with us your thoughts on the chapter. What do you think of Renee? Or the phone calls from Jacob. How about the conversation outside of the school, or the notes? Comment and come back next week for Chapter 4!

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Billy Burke on GMTV

While Billy Burke was in London for the holidays, he stopped by GMTV for a brief interview. You know how much we love Billy/Charlie here, and he doesn't disappoint. Watch him talk about the Twilight phenomenon and rocking the copstache!

Thanks to CBA

Interview with Mama & Papa Rathbone

Okay Jackson fans, here we have an interview with Jackson's parents with their local news station in Midland, Texas. They talk about Jackson's dream to perform and the whole Twilight experience from their angle. As a bonus, there's oh-so-adorable high school performance pictures!

Thanks to TwiCrackAddict.

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Twilight Saga 2010 Desktop Wallpaper

The ever-talented Stephanie at Novel Novice Twilight has created a series of wallpapers/calendars for your desktop. Click here for all 12 months. For those avoiding Eclipse spoilers, the June wallpaper does have a movie still from Eclipse.

You know I'm a sucker for this pic, so December might be my favorite.

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Merry Christmas from Eyes of Amber!

You may substitute the holiday of your choice up there if it suits you. Either way, we're off to celebrate Christmas with our families, and we hope that you all have a safe and fun Holiday!

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Eclipse Discussion: Chapter Two: Evasion

Obviously, there will be book spoilers for Eclipse in this post. Go read.

Welcome to chapter two! You know, in someways, for me at least, this is a crazy way to do this. one chapter a week. How fast did we all burn through this book the first time?! However, it's fun to have the time to think through the chapter, and I know that Amber and Sabrina are enjoying it, too.

In chapter two, we see a lot more of the tension between Edward and Bella regarding Jacob. Bella is celebrating her freedom from her restriction. Alice is making grandiose plans only she can fathom. Then she gets a vision, disturbing enough that her reaction makes even the humans notice. Bella, and us readers, definitely know something hinky is up, but what? "Evasion" becomes a perfect name for the chapter, and Edward and Alice neatly sidestep all of Bella's question. Edward brings up Bella's birthday gifts, leaving all of us spluttering a little, and convinces (I might be using that term loosely) Bella and Charlie that a trip to see Renee is in order. Bella also indulges in some evasion as she makes an attempt to visit Jacob, only to be thwarted by Edward. Oh Edward...

Here's our discussion on the chapter:

Kerry: This chapter is not Edward's finest moment.
Sabrina : I'm sure you guys will say he is justified... but I am going to preemptively disagree.
Kerry: but in a way I like it, because it shows that he's so not perfect..
Kerry: either way, I think it's obvious to the reader and to Bella that she's not getting the whole story...she's just not willing to fight at that moment, she figures she'll ask again later
Amber: I think that's exactly right, she's satisfied for the moment and she'll ask more about it later
Sabrina : I think we'll have to agree to disagree on that one. I think she really does buy it.
Amber: I don't think she's 100% convinced either
Amber: she says she was overreacting, doesn't she?
Amber: that she was imagining things?
Kerry: consider where she's at...she's been fairly paranoid lately
Kerry: easy to second guess herself
Kerry: I'm not going to say she wasn't just being blind, just, trying to find a reason why she would be. I don't buy the 'Bella is a vapid idiot' crap. Girl has just been through hell already and it isn't over yet.
Amber: I don't think she's an idiot either
Sabrina : Oh no, I don't think she's an idiot at all.
Sabrina : I just think that she trusts Edward completely. Maybe that trust is usually well-placed. Not so much in this instance.
Kerry: Sorry, I get a little carried away on that
Kerry: Right
Sabrina : It happens,
Amber: just because he isn't being totally upfront
Amber: you know what chickadees? at this point in the book, we don't know he isn't being honest
Kerry: oh I didn't buy it the first time
Sabrina : ... I dunno. I think it's fairly obvious that he is lying.
Kerry: I wasn't sure exactly what it was, but I was fairly certain it wasn't Jasper
Amber: but it's not confirmed
Sabrina : And when he started making plans to go out of state, I figured that it was to keep Bella from some sort of danger.
Sabrina : I just wasn't sure what kind.
Amber: or just to keep her away from something
Amber: honestly, I thought the Volturi was coming the first time that I read it
Kerry: I wonder about where Edward's mind is in this chapter, he is far from his usual charming self. Using her birthday presents as a segue into using the tickets?
Sabrina : The way he forces the issue with Charlie reeks of desperation. At least, Edward's version of desperation.
Sabrina : Yeah, that was highly unusual.
Sabrina : Amber, I thought about the volturi first thing, too.
Kerry: exactly, that too, I mean, some amount of railroading would have been necessary with Charlie anyway, to sell him on it..
Kerry: but talk about all the finesse of a bulldozer
Sabrina : Seriously
Amber: true
Sabrina : I mean, cleverly played, but very heavy handed. Bella was kind of forced to fight for her right to see Renee.
Amber: Edward generally would have been much smoother about it
Amber: He knew Charlie would be against it and that would make Bella fight back
Kerry: Charlie was only really against Edward
Amber: Definitely
Kerry: and technically, there is nothing Charlie could have done to stop it
Sabrina : I know I said this before... but I can't wait to see this scene in the movie.
Amber: and I felt so bad for Edward when she asked about Jacob
Amber: but she was 100% right
Kerry: yeah, that was probably painful for Edward, but it was a valid point
Sabrina : Well, Edward brought up his share of painful topics in this chapter, also
Sabrina : The stereo, to name one.
Kerry: true, the whole birthday reference in general
Amber: which seems odd
Amber: he obviously knew the stereo wasn't there, he'd been in the truck
Sabrina : Very.... especially the guilt trip that went along with it.
Kerry: Makes me wonder how desperate he was feeling, because he was not at all as smooth as he could have been.
Sabrina : Uncharacteristically shaken, he'd just thought she was dead
Amber: and he was afraid she was in danger again. He was incredibly desperate.
Kerry: Evidence that he's probably as messed up as Bella at this point, despite his 109 years, and all he's learned and seen, there is definitely still a 17 year old in there.
Kerry: we laugh about the kissing and everything, but it applies to the emotional age too
Amber: and nothing has ever mattered to him the way that Bella does
Amber: everyone else in his life that he cares about is fairly indestructible
Sabrina : It's mostly the romantic inexperience that make a difference in this situation
Amber: Bella is anything but
Amber: I wouldn't say romantic inexperience so much as emotional inexperience
Kerry: yes, he's just as new to "how to have a relationship" as she is
Sabrina : Well, he's not new to love in general. Maybe the "eros" type, but not unfamiliar with the feeling. It's the fact that he's never had a chance to put it in practice that makes him make so many mistakes with it.
Amber: and it's not exactly your normal first love
Amber: I mean, he is afraid that he himself could be the end of her
Sabrina : Well, that's for sure
Amber: and in New Moon he made it very clear that he feels like she's in danger because of him
Kerry: and at this point, he's willing to accept that, because he knows he can't survive without her..but it's made him even more overbearing when it comes to her safety
Sabrina : Which brings us to Charlie's little "lecture"
Amber: "are you being safe?"
Kerry: haha...poor Charlie
Sabrina : I know, it's so fatherly.
Amber: this one I really hope to see Billy Burke do
Kerry: but at least he's being Dad...after all, his daughter is making plans to go away for the weekend with her boyfriend, and considering Renee, the. fact that she's at her mother's house doesn't seem like it would dissuade sex like it might normally.
Amber: although it is to visit her mother...he's already made a slight reference to how well Renee will supervise
Sabrina : No. Speaking of which, I though Bella's little internal monologue about Renee was really cute.
Amber: stepping away from this chapter for just a second, I think this kind of helps to set up the reaction that Renee has to Bella's engagement
Sabrina : ... the sex talk?
Amber: no
Amber: her internal dialogue
Kerry: I think the whole conversation was another example of how Charlie's actually trying to be a Dad...
Amber: and I think he does a decent job of it
Kerry: definitely, as embarrassing as it was for Bella and him, it's one of those things on the parenting to-do list..
Sabrina : fun times
Sabrina : Yeah, trust me, it is.
Amber: ah yes, you have a teenager
Sabrina : Anyhoo... so Bella decides to go see Jacob.
Kerry: I have to say out of the entire series this is the one moment I was truly pissed off at Edward..
Sabrina : Yeah, I was pretty upset myself
Sabrina : It makes me wonder how much of his reaction is jealousy rather than for her own protection.
Kerry: Honestly, it that regard, it made me more certain that it was protection related, as opposed to jealousy.
Kerry: or at least *more* than jealousy...
Kerry: I think if it was just jealousy only, he would have let her go
Amber: It didn't make me mad at him
Sabrina : .... so what did you think?
Amber: I may have smiled
Amber: it was Edward being Edward to me
Kerry: Yes, Edward, but disabling her car? too far...though I love it for his show of imperfection..
Amber: no
Sabrina : I wish she would have left the window closed
Amber: I mean, he's worried, genuinely concerned.
Amber: think about Emily, we've seen what a wolf can do, and all Edward sees is a pack of young wolves.
Kerry: And a place he can't be to watch over her
Amber: and in his defense...Bella's not the best judge of what is a dangerous situation for her and what isn't
Sabrina : ... and the fact that they saved her life on several occasions shouldn't mean anything to him?
Amber: I never said that
Amber: but he knows that things are different now that the Cullens are back as well
Kerry: Of course it much so that he expressed his gratitude AND admitted his fault in it in New Moon..
Sabrina : If they were in Forks, I can see that. But nothing has really changed on the res, right?
Amber: but on the res, he can't be with her
Amber: he can't protect here
Amber: her
Kerry: Except that Edward can't be there...and Edward can only trust himself or his family to protect Bella.
Amber: things have changed on the res, because Bella chose the vampires
Sabrina : Well, she hasn't officially chosen yet.
Amber: her choosing the vampires changed the way the wolves see her
Kerry: yes she has.
Sabrina : they would still be bound to protect her
Amber: of course they're bound to protect her, but she's also pretty much their least favorite human
Amber: and once their temper is flared, they could easily hurt her
Amber: has already demonstrated that
Sabrina : And Jacob would defend her. He already demonstrated that.
Amber: Sweetie, it's not about him defending her
Kerry: I think that's besides the point at this point in the story. The key here, I believe, is that Edward simply does not trust anyone but himself with the job of protecting Bella
Amber: it's about something happening too fast for Jacob to even stop it
Amber: you're right, at this point, Edward hasn't learned how to trust anyone but himself, but he also sees the wolves as something that she needs protection from. Talking about fresh wounds...he just thought she was dead, so the thought of her being somewhere that her future disappears???
Amber: that's why he disabled the car
Amber: it wasn't just "I said she couldn't go and she's going to try and go anyway"
Amber: It was "Alice just called and said she disappears"
Kerry: yeah, especially after 50 years of depending on Alice's visions...
Kerry: to have the future not just be 'unknown' but actually 'gone'..
Kerry: But I was still mad at him. Mad, but no way could I have sent him away. I would have reopened the window too
Amber: I'd say I was more frustrated than mad
Amber: and I would have so reopened that window too
Amber: I mean, it's just like when Jon makes me furious...but I still end up turning to him
Kerry: I always liked that, it's a good symbolism of "we can work through anything"
Amber: the door, or window in this case, will always be open
Amber: and in some tiny's an "I have to choose" moment
Amber: all through Eclipse, she's choosing between Edward and Jacob
Amber: in this moment, she's choosing not to let him keeping her away from Jacob come between them
Kerry: Back on the subject of Edward's feelings on the wolves... his monologue on why Alice can't see them...about them being so unpredictable that the future can't hold them. Pretty much sums it up for him.
Amber: I think that's a very, very good point
Sabrina : Well, ladies, I don't hate Edward. It's not that I don't understand his perspective. It's just that, at some point, he has to let Bella make her own decisions. Bella remains alive because the wolves saved her. It just seems like, to me, that a tiny little bit of trust might be warranted in addition to the gratitude.
Amber: I suppose maybe that's where I've gone wrong here
Amber: it's not that I think Edward is right
Amber: it's just that I understand
Kerry: me either, i understand his mindset, but he's handling it all wrong
Sabrina : And, I also think that, despite his good intentions, there has to be some jealousy involved. He has to have seen Bella's relationship with Jacob through the eyes of others. He has a good reason to be jealous.
Kerry: sure he's jealous
Kerry: on a number of levels
Kerry: I just don't think it's entirely his motivation here.
Kerry: part of it, sure, but not all
Amber: maybe the reason I don't get so upset with him is because I don't hold these illusions that he's perfect
Amber: I hear so much "Oh, he's perfect"
Sabrina : No, definitely not at all. But it's not as altruistic as he would have Bella believe, either.
Amber: well he's not
Amber: again, I don't think it's him that's trying to act that way
Amber: we're seeing this all through Bella's eyes
Amber: it doesn't occur to her that he's jealous because she doesn't think he has a reason to be
Kerry: A point I've always wanted to make
Kerry: about Edward being 'perfect'
Kerry: The only time Bella has talked about him being 'perfect' was about his physical appearance...
Amber: what I meant was people who read the book and say "I want an Edward, he's so perfect"
Amber: and I've been told "I hate when people say they married their Edward. That's not possible because Edward is perfect and no one is perfect."
Sabrina : I think people get that because they see Bella's attitude... sometimes it seems like she thinks he can do no wrong. If you read a little deeper, sometimes you can see more of a "grin and bear it" situation. I don't think she believes he's perfect either, but I think that's where people get the idea.
Kerry: yeah, it's a big misinterpretation of the story
Amber: Edward definitely pushed his hand
Amber: I think it irritated me more that he knew what Charlie was going to talk to her about than that he disabled her truck
Amber: I would have left the window open too
Amber: Edward's heart is in the right place
Sabrina : I actually thought it was funny that he let Bella get blind-sided by that little lecture.
Amber: well in all reality, it was probably better that way
Amber: easier for her
Amber: although, I could just as easily have seen him rolling down the window just before he pulled away and saying "Bella, Charlie's going to have the sex talk"
Amber: HAHA
Kerry: HAH
Kerry: Ok, so give me one or two sentences of your feelings on this chapter
Sabrina : My overall feelings are that Edward needs to back off a bit, and be more forth-coming. Jacob still needs to pull his head out of his butt and try to make his friendship with Bella work.
Amber: I understand where Jacob's coming from too though
Amber: He's hurting
Sabrina : Yeah, I understand, but he needs to understand her point of view as well.
Sabrina : I really am Team Charlie.
Kerry: Team Charlie!
Amber: I think that's the general feeling from this chapter.
Amber: Team Charlie
Sabrina : Yeah, pretty much.
Sabrina : Merry Christmas, you guys.
Amber: Merry Christmas!

So um, Team Edward and Team Jacob might be getting a little at odds, it's a good thing we like each other.

What are your thoughts on Edward's actions in this chapter? Do you think he's crossing a line? Do you think Bella is too easy on him? Do you understand her motivations as well as his? Or none of them? Are you Team Charlie?

Either way, we hope you're enjoying this as much as we are. Have a Merry Christmas!

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Twi-Theories Tuesdays: Some Cullen Christmas Cheer

There are absolutely zero book spoilers in this post. Well, maybe one.

Okay, so this isn't really a book theory. It's just the week before Christmas, and shopping and baking are seriously cramping my blog-lifestyle. Amber's been working hard over at her Vampire Diaries column, and she asks a pretty good question about whether you'd rather find Stefan(played by Paul Wesley) or Damon (Ian Somerholder) under

No offense to Stefan/Paul or Damon/Ian, as they'd both look nice with a big ol' red bow on their chest and a candy cane between their teeth, but I think our Cullen boys can make for a much merrier Christmas.

So, you're hanging at the Cullen house, strategically positioned beneath the mistletoe. Which one are you hoping will discover you here? Before we get to biased, I think it's only fair to evaluate all of our lovely amber-eyed Cullen men. (Sorry Team Jacob - If you're picturing slobbery puppy kisses, you're on your own)

Carlisle: Even more of a gentleman than Edward, I'm betting he's a little shy when it comes to the ladies, and even shyer in a public setting. So beneath the mistletoe, soft, sweet chaste kisses. His hands might be on your shoulders, equally chaste, but still sweet. Sound good? Want more? Get him behind that closed door over there.

: Probably the polar opposite of Carlisle. This big hunk of man-meat is all over you. Hands in the back pockets of your jeans, or completely wrapped around you, all lips and tongue, possibly a little slobbery, but not too much, and ouch! the door jam hurts when it digs into the back of your shoulders. Behind the closed doors? No different, though you'll probably have to remind him to actually go behind the doors...

Jasper: Ah, the Southern Gentleman, but he's a soldier, so there's that rough and ready side too. Not to mention the empath thing. Jasper in a romantic setting? Experience that kiss in stereo. Slow, sensuous kisses, lingering..maybe even a little tantric, as a way to deal with the overflow of emotion. Behind the door? Hope you're patient...

Edward: Finally, Edward! We know a little, since Bella's always been cool about describing the experience for us. Edward's had 90 years to read the thoughts of people and so he's got insider knowledge. So it starts slow, the hand caresses the cheek, tilting your chin up, light brushes of lips together, Lips meet fully finally and then all you know what breaks loose, and you're a tangle of arms and leg hitches. (Have I read too much fanfic?) Oddly enough, it's Emmett that objects to the mega-watt PDA.

Yes, yes, they're all spoken for, but that's beside the point in this little exercise. Unicorns? I know you're dying to hear about defrosting Rosalie's ice queen exterior, or bubbly Alice, that you have to pick up in order to kiss properly. Esme's kisses got soft-focus, like an old movie, fading out just as the lips meet. And Bella, well, hang on to your virtue, boys. Shy and blushing only stays that way for so long.

Team Jacob? You tell me what you think your favorite wolfpack boy is like under the mistletoe.

The rest of us? Who is your pick? I'm sure you know mine, I'm still biased.

New Entertainment Weekly Outtake

Hurray for outtakes!

I have never been more jealous of KStew than I am in this moment. And she knows it, too. Look at her. Taunting me...

I love you, Kristen. You rock!

Happy Birthday Jackson!!

Oh Jackson. It really sucks to have a birthday so close to Christmas doesn't it? Amber was shopping and I was making cookies all day and we nearly let your birthday slip by. I don't know where you are at the moment, but I'm on the west coast, so it is STILL your birthday here.

I see you had a party the other day, and hopefully you got to do something fun today.

Thanks for being our Jasper with the smexy southern and making us laugh with your rare but always enjoyable interviews/appearances. Do more of those, please? We'd love to see you make the run of talk shows, too! We're looking forward to some bad*** Jasper in Eclipse!

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Time is running out to enter!

Don't forget that today is the last day to enter to win this awesome New Moon prize pack.We're celebrating the one year anniversary of the blog by giving one lucky winner the chance to win all these awesome goodies!
Click here to enter!

See Sam Busking

Last week Kerry made a post asking for your support of Sam Bradley and his "Busking for change" in support of the Canadian charity WarChild. His original goal was $400 and he was able to raise over five times that!

RobbedMyHeart was kind enough to send us some pictures and videos of Sam out busking on Friday. His sister Grace Lindsey joined him and their harmony is absolutely wonderful. I've heard so many stories about how terribly cold it was in Vancouver on Friday. What troopers Sam and all the other musicians participating were!

Hope you enjoy the videos. You can still make donations by clicking here.Children are the very most innocent victims of war and this charity is all about helping them.

Check out more videos and pics over at Shack of Soul. There you can find my absolute favorite Sam song...Scared.

Rob among "Hottest Dudes of the Decade"

Not surprisingly when Cosmo put together their list of the hottest guys of the last ten years, Robert Pattinson took the title for 2008. In my book, he beats Bradley Cooper for 2009, but I suppose it wouldn't be fair for Rob to take more that one year.
You can see the rest of the list here. Thanks to Rob & kriSten Lovers.

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Entertainment Weekly: Chris Weitz Reveals 10 Secrets About New Moon

I'll use the term "easter egg" here loosely, since most of these are just cool details. Did you catch any of these in the movie?

1. Hidden wolves

''Look for an upside-down engraving of a wolf in the shot of the bowl in which Carlisle burns his first-aid equipment; on Jacob's T-shirt when he meets Bella in the school parking lot for the first time; and a wolf trinket on the dream-catcher that he gives her.'' (Kerry: I caught the dreamcatcher and his shirt...not the bowl though!)

2. Vampire elevator music
''When Edward, Bella, and Alice get into the elevator on their way to see the Volturi, the music playing in the elevator is from Strauss' Die Fledermaus (a.k.a. The Bat).'' (Yes, but I'm a music nerd)

3. Emotional baggage?
''When Bella is looking for the meadow where she and Edward are seen lying down together, she carries a golden compass clipped to her backpack — part of my baggage!'' (hahah..I Love Chris Weitz)

4. Speedy suitor

''We did a little trick when Edward gets out of Bella's truck and they're arguing. We wanted to show Edward moving impossibly quickly, so we put Rob right next to the camera but out of sight, and used a double dressed like Rob in the driver's seat. When Edward gets out, it's the double, and then Rob steps in front of the camera, and it looks as if he got there faster than humanly possible.'' (Nifty trick...easter egg? no..)

5. Look it up
''If you want to know what Jacob says before he almost kisses Bella, ask a Quileute! The address of the Quileute tribal council is I can tell you this much: He says, Kwop kilawtley.'' (I think the general consensus is "Stay with me forever")

6. Tower of glower
''You can see Volterra's tower and the red-cloaked revelers from the festival of San Marco on the cover of Bella's copy of Romeo and Juliet when she wakes up in her bedroom.

7. Hope it was a rental...
''In the wolf-fight, we purposely knocked over the camera when the wolves tumble towards it; you can also hear the microphone thumping, as if an actual on-set animal had run into the camera and boom.'' (It worked, I actually jumped at that..)
8. Quileute culture
''When prepping to visualize Jacob's and Emily's houses, production designer David Brisbin and his team visited La Push and met the Quileute executive council. While they were there, a young Quileute girl gave David the first drum she made (this is a Quileute custom). To show appreciation, we decided to put the drum in a prominent shot — it's at the entrance of Emily's house, and you see it when Bella first enters. Also, the high pitched 'call' that Embry and Jared give when they jump out of Bella's car is a thing the Quileute kids do.'' ( I thought both these details were really interesting..awesome that they included these authentic details!)

9. Waxing romantic
''The reason the moon phases 'backwards' to reveal the title is that this is scientifically correct! I moderated an astrophysics seminar for the Science and Entertainment Exchange with noted astronomer Neil DeGrasse Tyson and he complained about the number of films that get simple science wrong. (Don't ask me to justify vampires or werewolves).''

10. That's Italian!
''In the Volturi chamber, Aro speaks Italian — 'La Tua Cantante' should be easy for readers of the books — he's referring to Bella's being Edward's 'singer,' whose blood calls out to him stronger than anyone else's. Later, when Bella tells him that he doesn't know anything about Edward's soul, he replies, 'Fore ... ne il vostro l'uno o altro' — 'Perhaps ... nor yours either.'''

How many did you notice?

Thanks to Entertainment Weekly

Swiftner Cuteness: Valentine's Day Trailer #2

The second Valentine's Day trailer was released today, this time with Tay-squared adorableness! Just had to post it, since it IS our Taylor Lautner, and since I adopted Taylor Swift into our fandom.

This movie looks pretty cute, good Valentine's Day date movie, which is exactly what it's intended to be. Everyone and their dog is in it! And since Remember Me got pushed back to March, you won't need to debate which to see first.

All together now: Awwwwwwwww.....

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Eclipse Discussion: Chapter One, Ultimatum

Welcome to the first official chapter of our Eclipse discussion series! Chapter One is up, and you can start to see the lines drawn for Team Edward and Team Jacob. It's so hard not to jump ahead and bring up things in later chapters!

As a recap, Chapter one begins with a note, passed between Jacob and Bella as they both try to deal with the consequences of the resolution of New Moon. Charlie lifts Bella's grounding punishment, with some caveats, he wants her to see her school friends and Jacob, and not be so wrapped up in Edward. Bella and Edward are applying to colleges all over the nation, and we see the tension that is created with the love triangle start to emerge.

Kerry: Ok, so chapter one, how was it to read again?
Sabrina: It was... frustrating.
Kerry: why do you say that?
Sabrina: Well, it bothers me to think of poor little broken-hearted Jacob, pining away...
Amber: I almost hate to move away from New Moon
Sabrina: oh? why?
Kerry: awww poor puppy
Amber: for one thing, I don't want to go back into Jacob's pain right now
Sabrina: No really! I mean, I wonder if he's thinking that he might have to kill her!
Amber: the note kills me
Sabrina: I'm sorry Team Bella!
Amber: the crossed out lines and the eventual statement of the truth
Sabrina: Yeah, me too. He can't even be mean to her in a note. He just can't.
Amber: that they do miss each other, but it just doesn't change anything
Kerry: the notes are very telling. I love that he just crosses out the thoughts, but not enough to actually obscure the previous thoughts
Sabrina: That is particularly odd. It's like, he wants her to know what he's thinking, but he also wants her to know that he doesn't want to say it.
Amber: I think this was more a case of he wanted to get it over with... he just wanted to get an answer written out and send it back to her
Kerry: but why not simply use a different piece of paper, or tearing off the other parts?
Amber: like he said, the more he thinks about her, the more it hurts
Sabrina: I just think he didn't have it in him to ignore such a desperate plea.
Amber: because, he's a teenage boy, he could be very tired from running around in wolf form, and it's just more effort to change pieces of paper. Maybe he wanted her to know, maybe he didn't. I think it's more likely a device that SM put there for the reader, to let us know Jacob's state of mind
Sabrina: Oh, I get... you are saying he was so impatient to get it over with that he really didn't bother to really erase what he said?
Kerry: Jacob is definitely torn in his loyalties here. He has an obligation to his people and specifically to the rest of the pack. And he's loyal to Bella.
Sabrina: Well, he's sorta loyal to Bella. I mean, at this point, I think he's trying to let it go.
Amber: I don't think he's trying to let go

Read the rest after the jump

"The Runaways" Trailer!

I have to say, this looks amazing! I can't wait to see both Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning in this. The Runaways will premiere at the Sundance Film Festival, and open in theaters in March!

People Magazine's Best of 2009

Of course our Twi-guys make this list! People magazine complied a list of 'mosts'...

Most Wanted in 2010? Taylor Lautner! (I wonder if this has anything to do with his birthday...hmm)
My favorite? The "Second Most Wanted Vampire" Awarded to Paul (Stefan Salvatore) Wesley, with our dimplicious Kellan as the runner up. Cracked me up that they just assumed the MOST wanted would be Edward.

See all the bests at

Gorgeous Nikki Reed Photoshoot Outtakes

Yay for Nikki pics! Still too rare for my taste. Check these out from Hellin Kay, and more at ROB & krisTEN Lovers, and Twifans!

Nikki! Do more of these!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Busking for Change, Help Sam With a Worthy Cause!

On December 18th, Sam Bradley will be "busking for change" in Vancouver, in support of the charity, WarChild. WarChild is a Canadian charitable organization providing humanitarian assistance to children around the world affected by wars.

His original goal was to raise $400. Thanks to all of his fans, he's already tripled that! However, a worthy cause can never get enough funding, so click here to add your contribution!

Time Magazine's "People Who Mattered" List

It's the end of the year, so these type of lists are flying like crazy. There will be more, trust. On THIS list, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart ranked #15. Not too shabby, I guess. I'm not sure I understand the ranking but it's interesting to see them fall just above Alex Rodriguez and just behind Sarah Palin and President Obama. Topping the list as Person of the Year is U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, I get that, but I'm really puzzled as to why the Gosselins ranked so high.

Don't explain it to me, please.

See the full list at Time Magazine.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Twi-Theories Tuesdays: Vampire Physiology

This post will contain book spoilers for the entire series, including the Midnight Sun draft. Go Read.

In my plea for ideas last week, the lovely RaShell came through f0r me with an excellent question about the physiology of our favorite vampires. I dug into some correspondence with Stephenie Meyer available at the Lexicon and TwilightMoms, as well as diving back into the series again (I LOVE when I have a good excuse to do that!).

So how does the whole thing work? I'm going to ask you to accept a certain about of "magic", because, after all, we're dealing with a fantasy world of undead, please don't go overboard with the logical stuff. I'm also only going to deal with vampires as they exist in the Twilight universe.

Thanks to Alice, not to mention Bella's first hand account of her transformation, we know that, once bitten, the venom in a vampire's saliva begins to slowly move through the body. As it moves, it both heals any damage done, and begins changing the body into the cold, hard, unliving body of a vampire. Eventually the venom reaches the heart, allowing it to flow to the entire body, before stilling the heart and leaving the newborn vampire "alive". The transformation takes approximately 3 days, but can be shortened by getting as much venom into the system as possible and as close to the heart as possible. Edward's bright idea of collecting his own venom into a cardiac syringe allowed him to get the venom directly into Bella's heart, allowing the venom to move through her body immediately.

The newborn vampire brings us to the basic thing for vampire physiology: Blood. Blood is everything for a vampire. Literally. Yes, yes, without it, us humans are pretty screwed, but that's not the point here. There's a significant point made that a newborn vampire is extremely strong, as a result of the remnants of their own human blood being in their system. Over time, this strength fades into the "normal" superhuman strength. (Can you imagine what Emmett was capable of as a newborn vampire??)

The blood doesn't just keep them alive, it literally powers everything. The strength, the speed, the heightened senses, even the mental abilities. According to Q&A's with Stephenie Meyer, if you could cut into a freshly fed vampire, they would bleed, but otherwise not. This tells me that they drink the blood of their victim, whether human or animal, and it's absorbed into their body. They don't have the digestive system as we do, to put it as delicately as possible. The blood is simply absorbed and burned as they go about their lives, just like we do with food, the calories powering our bodies, giving us strength and stamina. They don't necessarily need to eat as often, though Edward mentions that the more often he feeds, the easier it is to curb his bloodlust.

Now for the fun part! Let's talk bodily fluids! From the books, we now there are a few. Vampires retain a few basic bodily fluids. According to Stephenie Meyer, all are composed basically of venom. Saliva is the first, and the strongest composition of venom, since that's the direct application of it for the purposes of incapacitating their victims and beginning the conversion process. In the Midnight Sun draft as well as Bella's experiences in Breaking Dawn, we can gather that 'saliva' isn't entirely pure venom, as when the bloodlust strikes, there's a definite pooling of venom in their mouths, the vampire version of drooling, essentially. I have always taken from these accounts that the 'regular' saliva of a vampire is fairly diluted venom. After all, Edward made no move to stop Bella from taking a bite of that slice of pizza after he did. Perhaps it would have been a problem if she'd had a split lip or a cold sore, but then, Edward would have noticed that.

In Breaking Dawn, we know that the fluid in their eyes is essentially venom also. Vampires are incapable of tears, but there is some fluid in the eye, enough to dissolve contact lenses in a matter of hours. We also become more aware that there is no 'waste' fluid to deal with.

And finally, the part I know you all REALLY want to know about....the one remaining body function. I assume we all took health class in middle school and/or had the birds and bees discussion with mom and dad, and I don't need to have a basic discussion of how babies are made. Thanks to Bella's deliriously happy state, a few destroyed pillows and a broken headboard, we're left to assume (darn fade-t0-black!) that the mechanics of sex are the same. Remember back when I said that blood powers everything? Ahem. Yes. Not much different than a human male, right? Except, that I'd bet that those lovely vampire boys have a bit more in 'on command'.


Sorry, I'm back. Where was I? Oh, right, 'on command'. (Focus, ladies!) I'm sure at some point, instinct and desire take over and after a thoroughly satisfying and furniture destroying experience, another bodily fluid makes its appearance. Is it venomous? Probably, at least in that diluted state, but not enough to kill the little pieces of DNA required to make baby half-vampires. Here's part of where I'm asking you to accept a little magic. I'm sure many of you can come up with logical reasons why Edward's lil swimmers shouldn't be swimming anymore, but they do. Deal with it. Perhaps it's a blood thing, perhaps it's because sperm are produced constantly, as opposed to a pre-established number and cycle, like women. Perhaps it's a statement on the differences in the sexes. Either way, vampires pro-creating with humans isn't a new concept, perhaps because, regardless of the audience or story, a little vampire sexing is a good thing.

So, there we are, Kerry's Basic Vampire Physiology Course 101. I hope I answered your question, RaShell, if not, I could talk about Edward's...physiology a lot more, I'm sure.

If you missed it, last Thursday Amber and I, along with our guest blogger, Sabrina, began a chapter by chapter discussion on Eclipse. Last week we discussed the preface, and this week we will dive in to chapter 1. Some of the future Twi-Theories may tie into events that happen in the book, but I'm also interested in other points you'd like to see discussed. Feel free to continue the discussion and suggest in the comments. Thank you!!

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One year blog anniversary giveaway!

We're celebrating the first anniversary of the blog by giving one lucky reader a prize package full of New Moon goodies!
The package includes:
  • New Moon cup, exclusively available at AMC
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  • US Weekly Sexy Stars of Twilight - New Moon
  • A complete set of New Moon Sweethearts
  • Handmade Twilight Saga bracelet from a local EoA girl, Jamie
Since we're celebrating one year, we want to know what your favorite post has been. To enter, choose your favorite post and tell us about it in the comments.

To help us celebrate, be sure to join the new Eyes of Amber facebook group. We're hoping to get some good discussions going on over there!

Also, a little teaser for the Sam Bradley fans...we have some cool Sam giveaways* coming up!

Get your entries in by midnight on Monday, December 21 to enter. Good luck!

**Note from Kerry: Not actually giving away Sam, sorry....

Rob Tops the IMDB Starmeter for 2009

And we're not surprised by this, either.

IMDB posted their top 25 'most searched for' stars today. Six Twilight stars made the list, including Nikki Reed at 15, Ashley Greene at #11, Dakota Fanning at #8, Taylor Lautner at #5, and Kristen Stewart at #2! Topping this list, of course, is Robert Pattinson.

So I look him up.... a lot.

From IMDB:

1. Robert Pattinson

(Last year: #33)

The man once best known as doomed Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire rocketed into the stratosphere as moody-sexy vampire Edward Cullen in the Twilight films, and developed a fervent following of both fans and photographers who couldn't get enough of his sparkly skin, wayward hair, and magnetic screen presence. With the third Twilight film coming this summer, expect no downward turn in his popularity.

Let's keep him there!