Monday, December 29, 2008

My Twilight Christmas

My husband and I have a tradition of putting pet names and such on our gifts to each other so I was not surprised to see a gift from Edward to Bella, but I did think it was pretty awesome that the top one was from Edward to Amber! The tube-shaped package was of course an Edward poster. I didn't take a picture with it and it is currently on top of the book shelf rolled up waiting for a frame.
The gift to Bella from Edward was a cool mat for my laptop, something I have been needing for a long time.

Next I opened the gift on the lower I was doing so, he said he thought that it was something I probably didn't even know existed, and he was right! A full cast jigsaw puzzle!

And for the gift I was so eagerly anticipating, the one labeled from Edward to Amber...Looks like I did get Edward for Christmas!


Cheeky J said...

Love your blog. I have to say, your husband is awesome for leaving you presents from Edward! My husband is only starting to get wind of my obsessive cullen disorder. :)

Joy~ said...

I have been waiting for this post!! What an awesome Christmas you had. Way to go Jon!!!! Kudos my brother.